uh oh.. winter already?

just as we are starting the transition into fall... i've plunged headfirst into winter territory. i've been wanting a new winter coat since, well, since a month ago when i made my monthly visit to bloomingdales and noticed the huuuge section of winter coats. i wanted to get this above-knee length white coat from mackage, and then decided against it when i realized i looked a little pirate-esque from the wide sleeves. and besides, my mom started rattling on about how white is not a very logical color to get a coat in because the dry cleaners would probably see it more than i would. i agree, but whatever! when was fashion logical anyways? i still want a white coat, but i will not be dropping $600 on it.
so how thrilled was i when i saw this wool coat from free people? i love it! i love all the details on it, the attached faux second layer with the plaid fabric peeking out, the low slung belt which makes it look so utilitarian-chic, the longer length of the jacket which looks really cool with narrower pants. it's casual in a very downtown way. and it didnt make my cc cringe!


Blogger Jessica said...

ohhh, white coats are so elegant! i would love to have one...but i haven't gotten one for the same reasoning as your mom's...but if I found one for a good price I would definately get it!

10:00 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

oh god, winter, don't remind us.
i really like white coats though, they're just so awesome.

12:00 AM  
Blogger a lice said...

Great blog!:)

I'm portuguese and i have a fashion blog!


2:46 PM  

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