what a cutie patootie

i absolutely adore this babydoll dress. it is apparently a popular choice for the olympus fashion week attendees, as documented by the sartorialist... so when i was walking along the west village the other day, i had to stop in a boutique to try it on.

the verdict? well... its definitely nice... but for around $300? there was no lining, the fabric wasn't extremely luxurious, and it was just too poofy. i felt and looked preggers in it. who knows if i should blame it on the dress or too many cookies. but everytime i see it on that slim and perfectly proportioned albeit headless mannequin, i fall in love with it all over again.

it looks simple enough to replicate so i guess my only option now is to keep my eyes peeled and see if i can find a cheaper and less poofy alternative elsewhere. or maybe buy some fabric and see if i can crank one out on my own.

meanwhile... i shall shop for some other babydoll fall dresses!


Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

I wanna get a babydoll jumper sooo baddd, the laROK I have my eye on is almost 300$ annnnnnnd... I DUNOOOO.... hahaha cuz I duno if I can justify yet if it's wearable-many-times enough to get it. Cute wise tho, I'd definitely buy it.. .but I need to start saving money.. at least until the end of this wk... for this round of cc bills hAHHAHAHA.. next wk is a whole new ballgame :)

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