cheap trends

as a follow-up post to yesterdays...
after work i ran over to forever 21 at union square, always my plan B for cheap trends! i had already browsed their entire online site, searching for some nice fall dresses, keeping in mind the babydoll silhouette i had a craving for. i scoured rack after rack, frustrated by the crowds pushing and shoving through mounds of clothing, everyone looking to find a worthy steal. an armful of dresses later, all in some different variation of plaid (not exactly by choice, they just had a lot of plaid dresses), i found myself at the back of a mile-long dressing room line.
for some reason i can not explain, forever21 had decided to use only 10 of their 30 available rooms, leaving the rest of us girls impatiently shifting from foot to foot, necks craning for any curtain movement from inside, signifying that indeed, there were live women inside trying things on. finally, it was my turn.
i emerged, 10 minutes later, with only one dress. and this was it. a plaid version of the grey babydoll jumper i had posted in my previous entry. the closest replica i could find. sure, the pattern wasn't exactly the most desirable, i would have gotten a lot more wear out of something in a solid color or a more subtle plaid, the tailoring wasnt immaculate, threads coming undone, even an uneven hem, but for $24, it was a safe bet. something i can wear as a test run, to see if i can make this piece work!

f21 T520060926083540542
job well done! $24.90, available at forever21.com


Blogger Jessica said...

wow...i have been trying to post a comment for a while now and blogger wasn't cooperating!
anyway, i just wanted to say the dress looks SUPER cute! you look ready for the runway in the pic! at $24 that is a steal!

3:02 PM  
Blogger dusk&summer said...

Thats sooo cute!! forever21 is great for cheap finds :)

6:19 PM  
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