dare i say it...?

i think i've finally found my hair coloring guru this past weekend...

i'm extreeemely picky with my hair, but up until recently, i was always happily settling for whatever was cheapest for cut and color, since along with that, i had been perming my hair. i'd go with my mom to flushing, and get my hair done there, because, well... chinese people dont charge a whole damn lot to do hair. like all things that once become routine, i got bored. with my hair. and with not loving the results everytime i'd get it cut/colored/permed. and i acted like a big baby, i must shamefully admit, pouting after my hair would be done because i didnt feel the way people are supposed to feel after a salon visit. i didn't feel beautiful, or shiny, or new. i didn't feel lighter on my feet, i didn't walk with a bounce in my step.

so... trading my perms in now for healthier hair, i decided it was time to splurge on color to revive my dried-out, overprocessed locks. and i knew i needed to find someone/someplace i could trust because who wants to color their hair only needing to have it corrected soon after? plus, i was going darker, and i didnt want to emerge from the salon as elvira, mistress of the dark.

and after fanatically researching for 2 days via allure and citysearch, i found my place -- janet rufin's parlor, and paid them a little visit, glad to find the atmosphere extremely friendly. (im scared of those super high-end salons with their intimidating stylists who are impossibly beautiful and refined and almost always pre-packaged with an accent from some incredibly exotic country)

3 hours in the chair + a head-full of foils + 4 mixing bowls + 3 diff. measurements of developer + 2 squeeze bottles = healthy multidimensional dark brown hair that makes me cringe when i think of the streaky mess i carried around with me for the past year. love it!

love this dress too:

*sigh, why has winter arrived full force now?

and im obviously getting too bored at work now... so i had a little fun with photoshop to show you my streaky mop before, and after!

pix1 pix2
er...i think i should've pixelated more... its fun!


Blogger Tru said...

cool blog, love the dress, and awesome that the quote on your header is from Sex and the City. Best show ever! Check out my blog, if you have a chance.

4:11 PM  
Blogger McDreamer said...

Nice hair color!!! I'm beginning to hate my streaks too!!! Gotta get some (cheap) pamperin' this weekend.

8:03 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

the hair looks great, i highlight my hair, and the three hours in a chair is the worse for me, haha.

9:43 PM  

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