another day, another dress

i am convinced, that out of every single shopping place i've been to, queens center has the rudest employees. two examples:
1) i stopped by victoria's secret to try on some of their cute Pink thermal boxies and sweats for size. after leaving the changing room, i hand the clothes to the girl working in the fitting room.
lady: "you're not going to take these?"
me: "no, im not, thanks."
lady: "why not?"
me: "well, the bra that i tried on didnt fit very well, but i love the pajama pants so i might get them online instead."
lady, very rudely: "and pay shipping for it??"
me: "actually i wanted to get some of the clothes in the catalogue and they're offering free shipping."
but as i'm saying all this to her, she's already drifted off into another conversation with someone else.
annoyed, i let my sentence trail off and finish with an "ooook... well goodbye!" while rolling my eyes. idiot, you cant talk me into buying any of your shit and you are the worst salesperson i've ever met. how could you not know about your own store's free shipping promotion?
2) im off to express to pay off my store card. there was hardly anyone in the store, so i head for the cashier and hand her my check... with my account number written on it. the girl with the scowl behind the register asks for my card, which i didnt expect, since they usually just type in the number off the check. since i wasnt expecting to be asked for my card, i fished around my purse for it. the lazy cow glares at me the whole time. when i finally give her my card, she finishes the transaction without a word. my "thanks" basically ricochetted off her cold ugly soul right back in my face.
haha, im bitter and much more used to nice people.


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