hot hot hot

yesterday's game was absolutely brutal. weather-wise, that is. the yankees won, woohoo! i was really disappointed when they lost the first baseball game i've ever been to last year :(

everyone was sweaty and stinky and it was so crowded and unbearably hot and muggy. i felt sorry for normal subway commuters who had to squeeze onto a train packed with baseball fans -- it smelled and felt like a lockerroom, everyone was so gross. the seats on the train were glistening with sweat!!! oh my god, it was so disgusting.

i wanted to get a baseball cap, but being the picky girl i am, there was only 1 out of like the 57 billion different kinds and it was too small for my big big head. it was the nice faded worn out lookin blue kind... and it was only available in kid-sized heads. hahah oh well. and yet, during the game, i saw tons of people with that cap that i want. maybe next time!

and if you can all believe it.. today is going to be way hotter than yesterday. there was nothing for me to do but combat the heat in a very summery white eyelet babydoll dress. i feel like a little girl playing "working girl." the babydoll dress is so cutesy and short, i bet all the pedophiles in nyc are getting a kick out of me. gross. pervy. people.

anyways, speaking of cutesy dresses, this one from Michael Kors is so frickin adorably sexy, and i love gorgeous ellen pompeo in the black version.

00080m epompeo


Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

heheh i have a babydoll on too YAY for short babydolls.... and gross to pervs. there are too many of them in the world. saturday we can kick them all ninja style... chop chop suey hahaha

1:54 PM  
Blogger Peanut said...

haha im with you
I just saw the new snow patrol video on youtube with all the scenes from grey’s anatomy in it, and it rocks!


i love this song!!!

7:21 PM  

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