damn yankees

it is so hot outside today, that even if i stand perfectly still and not move a muscle at all, i still break out into a sweat. i can feel it dripping down my back its so gross. this kind of weather makes me want to buy more clothes -- light and airy stuff like sundresses... stuff i dont need to overly accessorize with. case in point: today im wearing a dress i bought yesterday, a taupe part-eyelet cotton dress that is flowy and baggy enough to make me feel like im wearing a muu muu. haha hopefully i dont look as if im wearing a muu muu. that would be tres bad. but seriously, this dress makes me feel like im walkin around naked. no ties to cinch a waist and keep the gut in. perfect for the yankees game im going to tonight as well since i can probably down a couple of beers and not feel self conscious about the beer gut growin underneath.

do they have ac at baseball stadiums?

my meghan slip dress is coming in today! so frickin exciiiited!!

it has just occurred to me that perhaps a more appropriate outfit for tonight's game might have been something yankees-related. and then it occurred to me that i do not own any yankees stuff. and then i realized why. eeeeew!


Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

wow. uh. nice. bag?

haha have funnnnn i love ur dress, very cute. we need to shopshopshop!!!

2:54 PM  

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