for the lace-obsessed

i love it! i want it! i can't have it! hah, dammit.. isn't that just life?
preparing myself for an awesome weekend with only the most stylish chica ever who just turned vingt-deux! good eats and good fun, here i come!
not much going on here except that the weather is still as hot as ever, and im rifling through my closet for any dress i can find so i can stay cool and make getting ready in the morning as painless and un-sweaty as possible.
the only real routine i have everyday now basically consists of arriving at work, eating my morning breakfast of iced coffee and croissant (oui oui!), checking email, and then actual work dotted with periods of "window shopping" online, one eye on my bank account and the other on my cc. har har har. i predict this winter to be a laced-obsessed one. i've already bought myself the 2nd best version of the Michael Kors lace minidress -- ABS by Allen Schwartz, king of legal designer "inspirations." im totally ready for all the christmas parties anyone can toss my way!


Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

lace is totally hotttt for this year!!! i'm slowly becoming lace-obsessed as well <3 hehehehe cant wait to see u tmw my lovely!!

9:50 PM  

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