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so...remember how yesterday i promised to resist all temptation to enter stores with the big ol' word "SALE" plastered on the window? well...let's just say it didnt go as i had intended. i stopped by the Scoop Warehouse boutique in SoHo on the way home and whilst rummaging through the racks, picked up a lilac paisley fringed halter dress, a pair of habitual skinny jeans, and scoop army green tank and headed for the communal dressing room.

i usually dont mind communal dressing rooms at all, but it was a super hot day, the ac in the store couldve been turned up higher, and there were a bunch of women struggling to yank the skinny premium (in other words, heavy!) denim over sweaty thighs expanded from the heat... and i knew i was soon to join them. just to be safe, i brought in with me 2 different sizes and started with the larger size. the larger size passed the test, easy, and i was hoping this test run would prepare myself for the struggle with the smaller size. after much hopping and jumping around to hoist them jeans up, i was able to button and breathe a sigh of relief.

next up... the lilac paisley fringe. now this dress was tricky. i had picked it off the rack because i remembered seeing it on Scoop's website and it was Michael Kors. originally 3500$ it was marked down significantly... seriously, the price was so low you have to add my blog to your cart to see how much it was. (har har, amazon joke) so i was merely trying the dress on for fun, at first, because HELLO! not only was it PAISLEY, it was FRINGED. this combination could prove deadly... like, "i just dueled with a cowboy" deadly. it was a fashion risk i was only willing to take because, well, its fun to try on expensive designer stuff!

let me tell you... the dress fit like a frickin glove, it was so amazing. and now i truly understand why designers could possibly charge so much for the stuff they make. it was the miracle dress, whittling my waist, giving me curves in places i never knew could be curvy without the help of dr. 90210. and besides the numerous amounts of compliments i got from my fellow women dressing-roomates, it was just so posh... so... "i summer at the hamptons on p.diddy's yacht."

anyways, if you could believe it... i was stricken with guilt when i left the store, not purchasing it. instead i made away with the designer jeans (39$ can you believe it??) and after much deliberation, thinking it over and over until my head.. and anyone else who got in my way, subjected to listening to me debate... was about to explode. i decided i'd run to the store the next morning right at opening time to secure and purchase the dress... and then some!

i may need to change the name of my blog. or start a Michael Kors Warehouse Boutique.
check out my winnings!

100125646 100125666

pretty orange dress... very boho-glam, and the dark purple top, sexy and great for a night out!

and the not very model-like me, trying stuff on at work because im super bored




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