it has now become clear to me, that i need another pair of skinny jeans. haha, no kidding. what i thought at first was going to be a fleeting fad, gone once the vast majority of the female gender figured how unkind they can be to female parts -- thighs and hips -- has become a "duh! why hadnt i bought these before??" mostly because skinny jeans and boots are like batman and robin, sonny and cher, peanut butter and jelly, wendy and her cc -- partners in crime! and every woman can pull that look off because, hello! how many girls wear their jeans with a side of boots? only like a gajillion! their existences are so co-dependent, it makes me wonder... what came first? the skinny jeans or the boots? did someone invent boots and then realize that pants needed to be more fitting at the bottoms so they could be neatly tucked away? or did someone invent skinny jeans and then decide that hey! they are so form fitting, you could wear these awesome just-as-form-fitting leather shoes over them? whatever it was... skinny jeans existed long before the LV and Chloe toting girlies decided that Sienna Miller and Kate Moss were the two coolest girls ever, a staple in any rocker chick's wardrobe.
but back to my denim needs. there are so many brands out there now, doing the skinny jeans thing, i just cant decide which pair to buy! i need to replace the the bdg black pair that i bought as a "test-run" at urban outfitters. (yes, i do trend "test-runs"... minimal commitment, guilt-free abandonment when realized said trend was a horrible mistake.) the jeans are possibly 1 or 2 sizes too big for me, already losing their stretch and getting faded in the wash. i have a pair of j brand jeans which fit reeeally nice, so maybe i'll get a black pair of those. i really wanted a pair of radcliffe's because of all the cool gadgetry (adjustable cufflinked hems, adjustable stirrups for keeping the bottoms in place) but the salesperson at barney's tells me that they're not really selling that well because most people dont like to be bothered with all those gadgets. habituals fit nice, but if i get another pair of those, i'd want them in grey because they have the perfect grey wash. others are just too light. a black sass&bide pair i found today have these cute little snaps on the sides of the bottom... super adorable! but not ideal for tucking.
jbran1001412867_347x683f radcl1000416087_201x396C0670_2_lghabit1000410192_201x396
(left to right: j brand, radcliffe, sass&bide, habitual)
oh yes! and i decided to go to the intermix sale yesterday since i got out of work late and missed my appointment to go to prada. tons o' stuff there! not all of it fantastic and most of the dresses were still expensive. stay away from the denim on sale, nothing good, a nice selection of pretty tops (i bought 2 -- miguelina white gauzy top and a bela white eyelet top, which im wearing today) tons of kors by michael kors heels, tons of chloe platforms and wedges in crazy colors for size 40+ feet, some boots (bought a pair, wearing today as well!) a lot of shorts and the little chain link with woven fabric headband things. the hermes sale, in the same building, had a super insane line stretching down the block an hour before closing. yikes!


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i just got radcliffe's they're really nice... i'm considering some jbrand. but i'd go for habitualssss!!! they're muyyyy sexayyy

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