"tats incredible"y crazy

seriously? you've GOT to be KIDDING me!! yeea, her tattoos are super hot but this is just downright obsessive...
i've been searching for a simple, dangly, statement-making pendant necklace. but found myself obsessing about these instead:


(top, white trash charms; bottom, gorjana)
arent they super cute?

completely droolworthy and from louis vuitton:


ok, i got sidetracked by the shoes, but im back on track now with more pretty shiny things that i am currently loving:

CP4__1-detail plainjadestar kjlan1003515128_347x683b jacj_wacc_vltcmoearngviol
(left to right: shari wacks; shari wacks; kenneth jay lane; jackie jewels)


Blogger Jessica said...

that is crazy about the angelina jolie shirt! i don't know...i really can't stand her that much anymore...i used to have a crazy thing with wanting to be as fit and pretty as her when i was in highschool...but now with all the crap always going on around her she just gets on my nerves

10:25 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

oh and thanks for linking me! i just returned the favor

10:26 PM  

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