pretty little prada... undies!

when word got out that the prada sample sale had rolled into town, the appointments quickly filled up and i was unable to secure myself a spot, even a week in advance of the sale. so imagine my surprise yesterday, day three of the sale, that the remaining wednesday times were open, and thursday and friday were cleared up as well. something fishy goin on here, i thought, but made an appointment to go after work anyway.
and i saw exactly why everyone had fled and left their spots open. in a big open warehouse which used to house countless racks of sweaters, skirts, pants, dresses, loafers, heels, sandals, boots, belts, handbags, and lingerie... there were probably like, 10 racks left, with nothing desirable hanging on them. there were sweaters with holes, halter polo tops (?!!), satin capris (ew), some miu miu skirts with crazy little shells crap all falling off of it, and the shoes were... gross.
anyways, so i did what i had to do. i headed straight for the intimates section, the only rack that was halfway decent. cute ruffly prada briefs (*swooon, im a sucker for romantic frilly undies), adorable little bras in jeweled satin colors... i made my purchase simple:
a pair of ruffly prada briefs
a pair of super cutesey miu miu bottoms for traipsing around the apt. in
a beautiful satin and silk white slip skirt adorned with lace and black ribbon and matching bra
the only beautiful dresses left were tucked away in the "luxury" section of the sale, including the strapless dress in the picture. unfortunately, those were still beyond practical price range. at $4000, no thanks, i think i'll stick to ebay!
i believe today, everything at the sale has been marked down to 75% off wholesale price... *wink! i have one more appointment left! tough choice though... slim pickings at prada orrrr intermix warehouse sale?!


Blogger Jessica said...

i can't believe that they were selling sweaters with holes in them!!!! good thinking on getting cute prada undies! i didn't even know they made undies...how much did they end up being?

12:24 AM  

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