because i cant get enough...

these dolce vita beauties came in the mail for me today! woohoo! i've been aching for a pair of black heels to go with my fall/winter clothes and now, i fiiiinally have them! cant wait to run home and try it on with every conceivable outfit i can think of. definitely one of my favorite things to do -- play dress up.

today is going to be an alright day, started out pretty awesome! in additional to the ginger cookie that jake bought me, the lady gave us another half for free because the first one she picked up broke. saaa-weeeet!! i love ginger cookies. especially the ones at ozzie's coffee because they are soo soft and chewy.

alas, i had gone off on a tangent. no worries.. back to shoes!

so i really wanted a pair of ankle boots that i can wear with my skinny jeans. i bought a pair at urban outfitters a while back and i've kept the receipt because i knew it was a purchase i had made too early and that something better might come along. it seems that maybe the time has come. i think i've found something better.

here are the ankle boots i bought:
they are rather plain, and remind me of the old snow boots my mom used to wear when i was little. haha, really smooth and even pleather. i like how the ankle part is a little higher and wider, that i can definitely tuck the ends of my denim into.

here are the ankle boots i obsess over:
these dolce vita ankle boots are like the urban outfitter pair but... better! its definitely a little more interesting looking becuase of the tie in the back. its so cute and girly (instead of the rather a-sexual lookin pair above which some might even mistaken for napoleon dynamites moonboots) unfortunately, the dolce vitas are a little more than i would want to spend on a pair of ankle boots.

after a lot of hunting/shopping, i found these:
these jeffrey campbell booties are sooo super cute. they are a cheaper version of the dolce vita ankle boots. need i say more? i think im sold! so yes... salesgirl, ring me up!

and while we're on the topic of boots, these are adorable:
juicy couture, j'adore the buttons!


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