crazy tuesday

man, this blog's a late start today! been running around like a mad woman today, got a state ID at the dmv, then ran over to measure a building in manhattan, and then ran back into the office to wait for information about tomorrow's meeting with the condominium subdivision approval lady. gonna have to look "professional!" dont know what im going to wear yet, wish it were cold out because its so much easier to dress professionally when youve got layers on.

its too hot to cover up! and i think tomorrow may be warm...

i bought more fall/winter clothes this weekend ::ashamed:: i must take a break in between all this spending and save up for... something worth saving up for! dammit!

had this monster of a treat this weekend:


brought me back to the days when i first had it.. eeeeeons ago in high school. the frozen hot chocolate seemed so much bigger than this time. maybe its because i "grew" up. har har har! its still just as delicious though... and the whipped cream still weirds me out. its so unlike the whipped cream i usually find in desserts. its ultra-unsweetened and very very very super thick. deeeelicious. and i also remember why i dont go to serendipity. the wait was frickin 2.5 hours. and the place was full of tourists and flash bulbs. actually maybe i dont mind the camera flashes. even though i was pretty frequently temporarily blinded, i felt like a super hot celebrity caught in the midst of the paparrazzi! mooahahha, hey, a girl can dream right? oh! and while we were waiting for a table, we actually got to sit on a bench (yep! they finally installed one!) outside the restaurant, but were sooned joined by a guy who felt he had to remove his foot from his shoe to reveal his yellow stained socks and stinky stinky feet. grrrroossss!


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