uncomfortably numb

woohoo! i get all excited whenever shopping sites offer free shipping. it is just SUCH a good idea. and adds another level of threat to the good old fashioned street shopping. (hehe sorry, i did my thesis partly on fashion and originally did a little analysis on e-shopping vs. real shopping, shopping's virtual architecture vs. real architecture.) anyways! hurray for shopbop for realizing that offering free shipping may draw more customers! free return shipping would be nice too... ;)
with the weekend (and happy hour) fast approaching, i need to make some plans (stat!) for having fun this weekend. gotta wear all my nice dressy summer clothes before it starts getting too cold.
one of the things i hate about cold weather?
having to go out wearing a coat, and then trying to either:
a) trust coat check, or
b) ditch the coat in the car and risk getting sick, or
c) skipping coat check and leaving stuff on lounge seats, risking drink stains and the occasional theft.
on another note... im a little scared to go back to the gym today. during my workout yesterday, the palms of my hands started to itch and turn red and by the end of the day they felt swollen and two of my fingers were extremely swollen. the swelling in my hands have gone down now, but they still feel a dull tingle and numbness.
here is an episode of: "i love this dress but it'll probably look dumb on me." it's so simple, yet classy. actually it just makes me want to wrap a cashmere blanket around myself and tie a satin bow around my head. hehehe. anyways, i like the dress! i can see nicole richie in it. she's so thin! these designer duds are just made for her body type, ya know? you can say she's too thin, but some designers tend to compare the human body to a clothing hanger, the closer a human body is to a clothing hanger, the better the clothes will "hang." so basically, if you have no bulges from the neck down, you're good to go! sad, but true. :(
i love project runway more and more each week. probably because i have no life and the only thing i do after work these days is plop myself in front of the tv. but i looved the dress kayne designed last night for a modern marilyn monroe. its so friggin glamorous. *sigh i love glamorous clothes. i need more glamour in my life!
i think its about to rain... looks ominously gloomy outside... eeeep!


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