not for the shoe-shy

since i'm a complete, total, and utter shoe fiend, this is my shoe obsessed entry. how frickin' awesome are those thomas wylde boots? i swear to the almighty shoe gods, if i win the lottery tomorrow, i'm going to buy those boots. "goth-glamour" may be on its way out, but i dont care. i love them. how hot would they look with skinny jeans and cozy sweaters? ab-so-lute-ly-beeeeee-yoo-teee-ful.

i must dig around my closet, i don't think i have much of a boot collection. (justification for spending some moolah) except for a pair of slouchy black suede heels and a pair of leather stiletto boots... yea man, totally not enough! (not counting my rain boots!) how did i ever let that happen??? this is totally like the part in Confessions of a Shopaholic (one of my faaavorite books) where Becky discovers she's never thought about purchasing luggage!

the possibilities are endless and here are some of my favorite boots for this fall/winter season:

juicy couture (the fringe thing is a bit much though...)

prada (super classy and simple)

hogan (great brand, but the color is a little tricky)

stella mccartney (for the glamour-puss)


thomas wylde (another one! i love it! those are little skulls, haha cute no?)



Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

princess wants a new pair of boots. & shall be visiting nyc with the boy sometime soon to visit another princess. so us princesses should go shoppppinggg for boots!!! mwahahahah :)

2:27 PM  

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