i wear my sunglasses at night

i need to organize my room a whole lot better that i've got it now. it seriously bothers me that i can wake up an hour before i have to actually leave my apt for work, yet it takes me 1.5 hours to actually haul my ass outta there. and most of the time, its because i cant decide what to wear. playing dress-up in the mornings = getting to work late. boo!

i just cant help it. im not the kind of girl who lays out the next days outfit before going to bed. i mean, how do i know how i will feel in the morning? maybe i will have an ugly and/or poofy day and the clothes i picked out will no longer make me feel pretty? maybe i'll have a bad hair day (or a good hair day) and it wont look good with the neckline i've picked out? i dont know, i suck at making up my mind about what to wear.

so today i felt bummy for spending 1.5 hours getting ready for work and im wearing just a horribly casual halter and jeans with flipflops. yet i still got hit on by some random guy standing on the street while i was waiting for my breakfast buddy at Ozzie's coffee shop. whats really funny is, he crosses the street and comes up to me saying, "hey i saw you from across the street and i was like, wow! so i had to come over and talk to you." errr... interesting pickup line. i feel like ive read about that one on the internet somewhere...

little polite me, we chat for a while, and then he says to me, "so can i see your eyes? you look great in those sunglasses, but i want to see your eyes!" and i'm like, what the hell?? first, im not interested so theres no way in hell i would do anything for you, even if it was something as silly as taking off my sunglasses. get away creepy guy!

i seriously hate guys. why cant the hot ones ever talk to me? why are the skeevy ones the ones with all the guts and courage? ever notice that? its always the construction workers, the pervy dudes randomly walking around the streets, that "holla atchoo"? booo!! :(

but yes, i do like my sunglasses so very much. they make me feel like a robot!


Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

hahah i only get the creepy ones too *sigh* we're so hot the hot ones are intimidated and the creepy skeevy ones are too dumb to realize they're weirdos.


i luvrr u<3 i hope to come to nyc soon. work is cold and boring.

ps. u always look good in everything. i miss nyc. good clothes and sample sales. sigh*

12:29 PM  
Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

hiiii princess!!! :)

PRINCESS WANTS COOKIE NOW!!! hahaha can i be a princess too?? lolol

7:11 PM  
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