put me in, coach!

just had to add this one bit before i leave work, and as a continuation of my shoe-filled entry... i was browsing the coach website today when i noticed some preeeetty nice boots. love the buckle detail, kinda chloe-esque, and although im not a big fan of the coach logo, the subtle logo embossed leather is actually really nice! man, totally want to go boot-shopping...

so *princess* you must come with!!!! ;)

and speaking of coach, check out these awesome coach vespas!! so coool... so europeean... mmm... european.


Blogger jenjen said...

love the boots, especially the buckle.
Have you ever been to the Sartorialist blog? Its the best.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Stylecoach said...

Cool, boots and awesome scooter! I like the motorcycle its beautiful.

5:23 AM  

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