wanted: hardcore shoppers

morph1000916141_347x683dlove love loooove that top from morphine generation. dont know if i want to drop 88 buckaroos for it though, esp. since i can already predict this is going to be a craaaaazy sale-filled week to come! but i do love it -- the soft grey, looks super comfy, and the sexy-ass v-neck in the front. everyone who knows me know i hardly ever, EVER wear t-shirts. not that i have anything against them, i swear, i'd wear them if i thought i looked good in them, you know, casually sexy and what-not, but i really dont think i do. maybe its because my neck is too stumpy. haha i dont know. i look funny in t-shirts, especially the crew-neck kinds, even though they somehow always manage to look so super sexy on other people. :( boogers! well i like this tee a whole lot because of the sexy v-neck in the front. mmm hhhm!
so back to what i was saying about this crazy-ass week coming up. i need to start making a schedule:
15.08.06 dmv to renew permit, or maybe get a state ID
16.08.06 10am meeting for condominium subdivision approval (my first meeting ever, alone! ack!)
17.08.06 barney's warehouse sale!! (guess who's going to be there 8am, first in line?? thats right! moi!)
18.08.06 meeting for revised floor plans
23.08.06 sales hopping resumes with hermes! (oh lord, this one is going to be absolutely crazy and hopefully i will make it out in one piece...)
24.08.06 to top it all off, intermix warehouse sale! (that is, if i have anything left in my wallet...)
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! mooahahahah! anyone want to be my shoppping buddy, so that we can brave the frontlines together??

booo mondays!


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