its that time again...

yesterday, after my trip to the dmv, which just so happens to be in the Atlantic Center (a shopping mall in brooklyn), i decided to stop by target since i had some time to kill. (jake was still on line trying to finalize his permit/license thingy.) browsing through the womenswear section, i was searching for the new apparently supercool paul&joe line. although most of the line is already available on the target website, there were only a couple of pieces in the store -- some ruffle neck t-shirts, tanks, tweed shorts, and houndstooth skirts. i grabbed an armful but only left with the beige and pink striped tweed cuffed shorts. good buy! super affordable, and i wore them today for my meeting at the surveyor's office. unfortunately, waking up early and getting psyched up to go to this meeting only meant one thing -- finding that the surveyor didnt make it into her office today and that i would have to reschedule. figures! >:( but anyways, im sure the shorts will make it halfway through fall, paired with tights and booties!

i am a super huge fan of body art. no, not all over crazy tattoos that cover your body from head to toe, although i do occasionally like the full sleeve look on some people. i prefer tattoos that accentuate parts of people's bodies and tattoos that are designed really nicely. kind of like, permanent accessories, jewelry for the skin. most people notice my tattoos in the summer, since i make it a point to be able to cover some of them up when i need to, and it always feels nice when people compliment me on them. usually they just say something like, "i really like your tattoos, what do they mean?" not such an unusual question. but recently, i was asked something that really sort of... stumped me and got me thinking.

i was shopping for jewelry at this cute little boutique called Wink in soho, when the salesgirl starts talking to me about my tattoos. she asks me the usual questions about what my tattoos are of, if they meant anything, but then she asks, "i really like the placement of your tattoos. how did you think of putting it there?" referring to the text that drapes from my clavicle to shoulder blade. and... i really didnt know except... it was just the perfect place to put it. it would highlight a part of my body that i sort of like, and most of all, it was simple and unexpected.

but anyways, i started rambling about how sometimes i get tattoos of stuff that i designed and the hard part is figuring out where to place it on my body so it "goes with" the shape of the tattoo. other times, i know exactly where i want to put a tattoo and the general "form" or "shape" of it, but i just dont know what it would be. yesterday, i experienced the latter, i now want a tattoo on the side of my right hip, visible only when i turn to the side, of another vertical design, much like the one on my shoulder, but this time with 3 lines. now i just gotta figure out what it will be. the hard part! grrrr.

98562124_314247082_0 hip copy
i would really like a yantra tattoo
i hate photoshop and rasterized text. in case ya cant read it. it says "new tattoo location." durrrhh..

i bought a super-sexxxy (yes, its so sexy it requires multiple x's) gucci swimsuit this weekend. and i promise, that'll be my last swim purchase for the rest of this year. gotta stock up when you can find a deal though, ya know? who knows? might go on a last minute cruise someplace where i'm going to need 2 swimsuits every day! or maybe an exotic beach getaway! or maybe an invite to the hamptons! anyways, the swimsuit's a black 2-piece with all these crazy tie-details, very tough-girl "if my top wasnt threatening to fall off, i'd whip you into submission" chic. hahaha! i scoured the web looking for pictures (as i obsessively do all the time) but the closest is a fusion of these two pictures, with definite variations in top and bottom.

100047261 100007742
the bottom is all stringy like in the picture, but... stringier and symmetrical. as in, more strings and cutouts.
the top is sorta bandeau-ish, but more of a cinched in the middle look and the halter ties are just as innovatively sexy as the one in the picture. not as solid and blocky though. i just had to have this set, you see, to avoid tan lines (by cautiously undo-ing the halter ties. very cautiously)

can you sense my boredom and hence the multiple edits and entries in this one post? *sigh. the rest of the office is on vacay. must look for a "see and be seen" restaurant for dinner this friday with my hip compadres :)
oh yea, and i gotta figure out what im going to eat for lunch today. i hate eating. i hate lunch. someone stick one of those IV needles in me for food. im sick and tired of deciding what to eat everyday.


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