lets go back to sleep...

im sorry for being so gosh-darn repetitive, no, we have not really backtracked to a previous entry, but i just had to post this picture up. these ankle boots are so frickin hot. i love them. thank you, stella mccartney. marry me?
these past couple of days ive been getting to work so g'damn early. today i had to get here early because i have to let a bunch of construction guys in to fix the bathroom door. and now.. well, its really too early to post anything substantial. the barneys warehouse sale can wait! must earn moolah, most important, right?
the larok dress im wearing right now has all these gold chains woven intricately into the straps and they are making my skin feel a little chilly!
alrighty, more later! ta-ta for now!


Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

laRok <3
Stella <3

le sighhhhh... I'm so in loveeee...

9:58 AM  

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