slim fast!

i like these pants from Alice & Olivia, but im not so sure about the plaid. im fearing that they might make me look...horizontal. yes. fearing. horizontal. mooahaha, but anyways, i love the style of the skinny dress pants, especially when worn as part of a suit. so slick, so chic, so city-like! perhaps it would be wiser to just wait for some more rational skinny dress pants to make their appearance before i toss money at a plaid fad. or maybe not. haha who knows!?! yes, i like to keep me on my toes!

and i find these snapshots from Balenciaga's current and past collections to be truly inspirational. i love the signature slim fit pants. oh, and that jacket is to die for! it will soon be coat-shopping time....

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i need a pedicure. STAT!! i seriously cant take looking at my feet anymore. all this frolicking around the dusty dirty summer city in havaianas has made my feet very... un-havaianas. gross!! maybe today after work if there is time. they need a good cleaning!

in other news... even though "tracksuits" are so, i dont know, 2005 or 2004 or something, i love the juicy couture update on... itself. hahaha. i absolutely adore the little buttons on the velour bottoms, almost sailor-inspired. the only thing i dont like about it is that the bottoms are cropped. not for me, ew. >:/
i'm sure they will come out with more variations, as that, fortunately, is how mainstream mass-merchandising works. weee! sell to meeee!!

as this day drags on longer and longer, i think i've lost all interest in the barneys warehouse sale. maybe tomorrow. maybe this weekend. maybe just not today. i've got something else tugging on my mind... dunno! will try again later...

ever check out those look-book things in New York Magazine, or The Sartorialist, where they find and take pictures of people on the street and comment on their outfit or ask them questions about their style? i love those! i think one of my main goals in life is to end up in one of those. hahah that would be so g'damn awesome!

i've already got it replaying in my mind... "the top is prada, the pants are balenciaga, heels from christian louboutin, and my handbag is vintage... i was on my way to a vogue photoshoot."

except in reality it might be more like... "the top is marc jacobs, on sale, pants from theory, sample sale, heels from zappos.com, and handbag from the flea market... i'm on my way to the barneys warehouse sale." hahah oh well!


Blogger Miss Tiffie said...

great minds think alike, I almost bought those plaid pants, but the fact that they were plaid was what's been stopping me.... hehe

10:01 AM  

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