just call me the bag lady

dragged my lazy little butt over to the barney's warehouse sale this past weekend and lets just say, that as soon as i set my foot into the what looked like a fashion-holic's exploded closet, i realized i broke three sales-shopping rules:

1) going to a warehouse sale on a saturday
2) going to a warehouse sale late in the afternoon, well past opening time
3) wearing the biggest slouchiest bag i own -- and therefore having to remove my wallet and stick it in my tiny back-pocket, and check the bag.

even though all the odds were against me, i did manage to leave with probably 1 of the last 2 pairs of chloe platforms left. i couldnt even believe that there were any at all! i guess someone up there really liked me that day :) also bought a beautiful white gauzy mason dress, as what i absolutely promise will be my last summer purchase.

i think im going to plan to save up for the chloe bag. its just too beyooteeful, and after sashaying around bloomies with the bag tossed over my shoulder... i really just cant say no!! i really love big bags, even though i can lose myself in them, tossing all my goodies (useful and un-useful) into the giant dark pit.


i also really like this simple Jean Paul Gaultier hobo.


flowy dresses, chunky shoes... check!

00280m 00080m


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