quiet drama

im going to take a break from all this talk about bags and talk about... other stuff. like, this laurel denise necklace, for instance! i love the simplicity of it, yet, the incorporation of not one, but two glass rectangular pieces elevates it almost to a certain level of drama -- quiet drama. not to mention the messages on it are so inspirational (not so much the piece im showing here, but the other necklaces are)
i remember seeing a couple of laurel denise necklaces in the glass jewelry case at henri bendels and really wanting to try them on, but decided instead to buy a pretty silver key necklace (which was invitingly hanging on a stand), which i still looove.
seriously, i am more likely to buy something that is easily accessible than something that requires me to get the attention of a salesperson and possibly have to subject myself to some unwanted sales-pushing. i hate it! its bad enough when these people ignore you when you need help, and perhaps its worse when they try so hard to convince you to buy stuff. ahh, there is such a delicate balance between being way too attentive and not attentive at all.
kudos to the people who get it just right!
speaking of salespeople... i stopped by shoegasm (haha!) on 23rd to check out their boots when, on display, a pair of slouchy grey suede boots caught my eye. they reminded me of the tara subkoff version (i've been drooling over the black leather boots which look oh-so-much like the unaffordable thomas wyldes)

taras1002612867_201x396 PAAAIACIMLAHDPDO
(left) tara subkoff, (right) thomas wylde... they both have the fold-over calf that i loooove.

since they werent that expensive at all, i decided to give it a shot and asked the salesgirl for my size. she steps towards me with the box a couple of minutes later proclaiming, "ok, i gotta show you how to put these on."
im thinking, dude, i've been putting my own shoes on since i was 3 years old, i think i can handle a pair of boots. she whips out the shoes, and it crazily unfolds into something that looks like a wrap skirt with a heel caught in it. "these are customizable," she says, "you can wrap it around and make it slouchy or tight, depending on the look you are going for. here, let me show you."
obediently, i lift up my leg as she wraps the suede cast around and up my calves, until the ends meet and ties them into a knot. "this is how it looks tight." i'm admiring the job she does, successfully layering it smoothly, and i decide i want to play around with it too. i start unraveling it, "so this can turn into a slouchy boot too, right?" and rewrapping it when she takes over, "yep! let me show you!" with the skill of a foot-binder, she scrunches it up for me and i feel like someone had reattached sienna millers legs onto the lower half of my body.
im such a sucker for "customizable" shizzits. im a little annoyed that she didnt let me play around with it before i made the decision to have her ring it up, and as im handing over my cc, she's chattering away in spanish with her salesgirl-friend and my crazy imagination hears her laughing "haha, she's going to have a great time trying to figure this crazy shoe out by herself and realize the hardest part is trying to get two legs to match up!!!"
pffft! i'll show her! i'll show you all!!! i can be a real crafty gal, given the chance to prove it! hahaha, anyways, cant wait to match the crazy contraption up with my skinny jeans! i've already played with it all night yesterday, my legs sweating from the heat!

the tara subkoff grey suede which inspired me:



Blogger Jessica said...

they are super pretty boots! i think that is awesome that they are customizable!!!

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