is this it?

i hate when clients think that they are the only client this firm has and that we should devote 100% of our time to their job.
i hate when clients think that my only role in this office is to handle their job.
i hate when clients think they dont have to call me in advance to let me know when they'll be stopping by, thinking that i sleep at the office or that i can miraculously appear in less than 5 minutes.
i hate when clients promise to meet me at a certain time and then bail without letting me know.

this is for all y'all:

be nice!!! or else!!!
(haha my face was more fierce before i decided to blur it to calm the grease down.)
this has been such a crazy long week, and i cant believe its finally ending today. the office was away on vacay, so i had tons and tons to do. i've never felt so stressed at work before -- annoying phone calls from clients, appointments cancelled and kept, having to get to work super early every day for crazy little things like letting in the handiman... hunting for plotter ink, hunting for the landmarks people... calling people non-stop to get information... and not being able to reach them! oye!!
its been so super-stressing, and even though there were some breakdowns and tears, this was the most important i have ever felt, at work. it feels so nice to know that i (hopefully) am helping with so much. and i love it! i love the stress, even the pressures, of having to do all these crazy things. ahhhh, im going to miss it. maybe.
but as of 5:30 today, i will be a free woman! and what better way to celebrate than to have dinner with a bunch of my buddies at Mary's Fish Camp?!
oh yes, and i think all the hard work i did this week deserves some sort of a reward...we'll see! ;)
i am sqqquiiirrrrming in my chair, i cant wait to get out! and i cant believe my phone is already threatening to run out of batteries. grrrr i need a new phone. i want the motorola q. or a blackberry. i think i want to look "grown-up" hehehe


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