for the time being i've put clothing/shoe shopping on hold (actually im still working on that)
reason being: i am going to be moving into a new apartment the end of this month, or as soon as construction is done, and i need to save up for all the furnishings i plan on getting and also... i am partially funding the construction.

ack!! so yes... bubbye pretty clothing money, i will have to make do with what i've already got :(

**end update**

dear restoration hardware,

you sell pretty things. i love pretty things. therefore, you and i are really a match made in heaven. except... sometimes the prices are a wee bit out of my range. so imagine how excited i was when i noticed you were having a sale on all bath accessories. i am renovating my bathroom! how did you know? i swear, we must be soulmates.

i ordered the haines double sconce yesterday. i selected expedited shipping. thats supposed to be like, next day shipping right? well, i ordered it late in the day, so im assuming it will be next day starting from the next business day... which is today. so i should get it tomorrow, no?

but, restoration hardware, i have not received a shipping confirmation email, like your website says i would. so i call customer service and what do they tell me? ITS NOT EVEN SET TO BE SHIPPED OUT OF THE WAREHOUSE UNTIL 1 OR 2 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER TODAY! that is NOT expedited shipping!

i hearted you, restoration hardware. but now i am feeling anger towards you. and resentment. i feel lied to. i dont think i can ever trust you again. i think we should see other people.

k thx bye.