project runway

alison kelly was my favorite project runway contestant. she's so cool with her pretty light blonde hair, and her style was just so funky. plus, she actually seemed like a really nice girl, someone i would totally want to be friends with! i was super excited when i heard she would be doing an exclusive line for shopbop.com. and after waiting.... and waiting... its FINALLY here.

theres some interesting and pretty stuff:

adahl1000112397_347x683f adahl1000212867_347x683f

but also... some stuff i didnt really expect from her. these look more... basic. and kinda boring:


adahl1000612688_347x683f adahl1000612688_347x683b
(this one has a more interesting back)

so... i dont know. think i like the black dress with the white crochet straps the most. it looks a lot better on alison kelly than on the shopbop girl though:



something snow related

i never got a chance to update on my snowboarding trip! while i was not the vision of perfection (mismatched in my Gap black puffer jacket and SMC adidas snowpants) i actually fell a lot less this time than i did the first time. and dare i say it.. i think i may even like snowboarding now! ive started to look at some boards, boots, and bindings (very pro sounding huh? haha) but the "goofy graphics" that are generally printed on them and the not too friendly prices have caused me to abandon the thought of purchasing any of that stuff for the moment. instead, i look for inspiration online...

victoria-beckham020602 victoria-beckham020608
ugh.. how jealous i am of the robot's beautiful chanel leather ski suit and sunglasses!
(images from bastardly.com)

another one of her.. carrying chanel ski poles and skis. skiing with her tummy showing!

gorgeous chanel.. quilted skis!!
versace snowboard
(images of gear from http://www.sybarites.org)



i would like to know... who designed superhero costumes so that their underwear was worn.. on the outside? because apparently, shopbop.com has become inspired!

presenting: the modern superheroine

vplaa1002611231_347x683f vplaa1000410192_347x683f
(vpl -- certainly a new "visble panty line" concept)

perhaps its because the average price for the bras are $155-$175 and the undies are $135-$155. perhaps the undies are just too pretty to not be worn for all the world to see! i certainly think they are very pretty. and i like how some of the vpl designs seem to focus on structure and seams a whole lot, expressing their existence through the use of contrasting colors and bold tapes. but.. i think i'd much prefer keeping my undies concealed under my clothes... i guess im no superheroine

vplaa1002611231_347x683d vplaa1000410192_347x683d
(i love the one on the right, looks almost vintagey)

(now this look.. i can see myself wearing!)


recovering from a long weekend

really enjoyed my much needed day off for presidents day. still recovering from my cold, i hate stuffed sinuses!
its still too early, being mid-february and all, but with spring fashions popping up all over the stores and boutiques, and this weeks highs being in the 40s (both me and model citizen are super excited!) i've been daydreaming about becoming "that well dressed girl in the coffee shop tapping away on her sleek macbook." because.. well, it'll be warm enough for me to actually want to go outside and stay outside! unfortunately, this also now marks the beginning of my search for the perfectly "chic-but-not-too-prissy" "uptown-sleek-with-downtown-edge" handbag in which to carry my baby macbook. and of course, it has got to match my wardrobe. no boring leather carry cases here please. snooze.
i've always wanted a talene reilly laptop bag. unfortunately the $400 price tag has inspired me to search for some more budget-friendly alternatives for the moment. but who knows? if nothing cute turns up, or if a bag of money falls out of the sky and happens to land by my feet, i just might splurge. but first, must save!
lusting for talene reilly:
Untitled-2 Untitled-1
im a sucker for houndstooth. but which one? help! ($400 eeeek!)
a steal at target:

but kind of a snoozer. ($40)

againnyc.com has some laptop bags made from vintage fabrics:


acmemade.com makes a line of "designer slim" cases. they're not entirely bad:



society for rational dress

i love the whole concept behind this label -- society for rational dress. its like, modern functionalism. i love how basic everyday tanks are updated with really industrial looking chains and grommets. while the draping gives the clothing a bit of a girly feminine feel, the metal toughens up the overall look. i'd suggest some, um, "dimmers" though. i want aaaall of their stuff!

i want this. real bad.

love the sexy draping in the back

more draping! and um, yea, dimmers, please

1 thing you dont know about me

i've been tagged by sara! but um, instead of posting 5 things you dont know about me... how about i just post an in-depth 1? 5 is too much for me to handle pre-lunch.
i went to catholic school for 10 years (pre k to 8th grade) and for the longest time, i considered myself catholic even though i wasnt baptized. i even prayed every night before i went to bed. (i used to have nightmares almost every night and actually, ever since i started praying, they'd go away!) i wasn't hardcore catholic, i didnt give up stuff for lent, but in spirit, i felt that catholic-God and me... we had an agreement. having been accepted into several prestigious Catholic high schools, the nuns felt that was the direction i should go in, and actually got upset with me when i finally decided to go to public school instead. and thats when it all went downhill. in high school, whilst going through the necessary "high school rebellion" stage, i decided that i needed to be able to make it.. alone. without God, who up to this point in my life, i had felt was my spiritual guidance and guardian... my safety net. "God will make everything ok." that was my mentality. and i was sick of it! i felt like i was cheating through life, almost. i felt like a wimp, like i couldnt really deal with anything on my own. I wanted to make everything ok. I wanted to guide me. and so... haha, actually, i prayed one last time, explaining my feelings, and that was it. God and i are on a break. an indefinite break. i call myself agnostic now.
haha, sorry guys, this was a very strange and long post! will update with the usual eye-candy in a bit... i've already got something in miiiind!!! :)


i need a party planner

aahh i've been gone for so long! but now im back.. im back! im back with something i want, yet again! so tomorrow is the big 1-4 (ok that made no sense whatsoever) -- valentines day for all you normal people out there... and i am slightly, but not really completely, excited. its supposed to be real nasty tomorrow -- rain and wind and tons of gross stuff like that. rainboots do not go with my dress.. which i've decided will be the rachel roy one.

but then i found another fun dress today. this one isnt really sooo exciting. the silhouette is one we've all seen a million times. its nothing unusual, or incredibly noteworthy and special.. but the color.. man, the color! its got me drooling. i dont know what it is about this bright purple that makes me feel like i must have it, but... i must!! i love it! please tell me... am i making a fuss over nothing??


am also finding myself incredibly in love with laila azhar. and luckily, a lot of her stuff from the fall/holiday collections are currently on sale

suspenderdress poufsleevedressgathereddress

blousejumper belteddress

and speaking of sales... there are two good ones im looking forward to:
1* barneys warehouse sale (starts this week!)
2* intermix warehouse sale (in 2 weeks!)

this super-cute super-frilly concoction by christopher kane is now on topshop! unfortunately...
120 GBP = (+/-) 240 USD = still too much money!

yo.. whats up with my strapless-dress-obsession?


no reasons needed for dressing up

so today, when i found out it was going to be 29 degrees, i was like WOOHOO! its going to be WARM!!! *sigh, anything is better than the cold teens that we've been getting here.

going out to dinner tonight with one of my guy pals whom i havent seen in aaaaaages! he's the kind of friend you can dress up for, its awesome when we attempt to "out-dress" each other, and see who shows up lookin better. hahaha, and i cant wait to show him what i've got on today. its a definite departure from my usual "sleek" "i-want-to-look-good" look and more "thrown-together-bag-lady." i am free to stuff my tummy with whatever i feel like today! theres room in these pants!!

speaking of bag ladies... im loving this dress from tom scott. its got a certain degree of versatility and customization that isnt at all intimidating or confusing.


his other stuff is really amazing too... and from the looks of these images from f/w 2006 and s/s 2007, he makes wearing your clothes backwards and inside-out look gooood.

ts2 ts3

ts4 ts5


ts7 ts8


lets forget summer ever existed

... haha yea right! as much as i am loving checking out all the new fall 2007 stuff, this cold is getting too insane. i could hardly breathe when the freezing air is blowing at my face. it does make it that much easier to lust after the f/w lines though, im especially loving the yigal azrouel looks so far. layering is my all time fav!

i love this look. everything about it. especially the humongous sweater and even the nerdy eyeglasses!

the best of all worlds -- great blend of military, peacoat, and a subtle trapeze shape. this is the coat i want for fall!!

another great coat! im also glad to see that skinny pants arent entirely "out" yet.

on another "fall-related" note, lets flash back to fall 2006, since all that stuff is on sale now. i decided to purchase a couple more pairs of chloe heels, since they are so lovable, and adorable, and droolworthy, and leg-lengthening, and hello.. ON SALE! and a look from their fall 2006 runway really really stuck out in my mind:


i love the change of silhouette... sometimes im just not in the mood to squeeze myself into a pair of skinny jeans so this would be a great alternative.

splurge on the shoes, take your pick of black or brown:

CH7178999_2_lg CH7178505_2_lg

then the pants, courtesy of urban outfitters, guilt-free at $39

p287104c p287111b
add layered tees, warm tights, and voila! thats going to be me... when its less cold than today.


to go.. or not to go?


go for it:
- hello! its proenza schouler! affordable proenza schouler
- who doesnt like these special events?
- if you change your mind later and regret blowing the dough, these items are totally ebay-able

nah, forget it:
- its proenza schouler... how often will you really wear these bright colors, "basic-black" girl? too preppy!
- its going to be crowded. lots of pushing, shoving, and you know women's stilettos can be used as effective weapons...
- just ebay it. from the comfort of your own home.

gaah! i dont know, but this coat is pretty damn cute. (officially starts tomorrow, at opening ceremony)

what i really want, though, is some marni. gimme gimme marni. their spring07 line is up on their e-shop!