not-so-sour lemon.. happy, excited lemon!

can't believe its already february! vday is fast approaching and i have to say, this year might be the first vday (in a super long time) that i celebrate as a single girl. but don't feel sorry for me, all of you in luuuurrve, one day i will find my prince :) until then, its not such a bad day and age to have some fabulous fun with my fellow single girlfriends! also, one of my favorite jazz singers, John Pizzarelli is playing in nyc in a few weeks and maybe i will muster up the courage to ask out someone kind of special ;)

but anyway, onto a different topic! turns out that 2008 is going to be a wedding year for me. i've got 2 weddings scheduled in, one of which i will be a bridesmaid for and here's where i need some help.

the bride-to-be and all us bridesmaids had finally decided that we'd like to go the j.crew route for bridesmaid dresses (they've really got some cute ones) and the color is yellow (jcrew calls it sour lemon.. but who would name a bridesmaids dress that color? seriously?). there are 2 different styles to choose from, and i am so conflicted. do i stick to my usual strapless look? or should i go for the v-neck? i like that the v-neck is somewhat less cutesy looking, which means theres more of a chance i will wear it in the future for other occasions. i can totally imagine wearing it on a beautiful spring/summer day, when its warm enough for a picnic in central park. but.. i know that i look good in strapless dresses... which explains why i already have so many, and maybe it's time for a new style! i mean, if worse comes to worse, i'll order both from the website (sucks that i cant try them on at the store) and return one. but if anyone out there would like to help me out... comments would be greatly appreciated!!

btw... the wedding is in vegas! isn't that exciting?!