getting older

as may quickly approaches.. its once again time to celebrate getting older! im still at that stage where i look forward to the ever increasing number, where old age doesnt really frighten me at all and i cant wait to be "thirty, flirty, and thriving." it also helps to be asian.. where you dont actually ever look your age and you can be 35 and people will still mistake you for a 15 year old. for some its a blessing... for me, a curse! i hate looking like im still 12.

anyways, onto the better parts of celebrating a birthday.. picking out birthday outfits! this year, im celebrating with my same-date-birthday chica, jennie! (also known as the better and way cooler half of will&jennie HAHA, i wonder if any of them are reading this...) anyways... the party-half of the night has not been planned yet, we're still looking at many "lounge/club" options, but i think dinner is set at buddakan. i've been dying to go there for ages now... i hear the interior is pretty damn impressive! and as an archie (architect), i'm always trying to find places that impress me :)

is this picture not completely INSANE??


i seriously... can not wait.
i've been daydreaming about dresses... but since i dont know where we'll end up going, its making it tough to figure out what would be "appropriate".
if i were a trust fund baby, daddy would get me a $5000 dress:

(unfortunately, i am not)

if i were a rockstar


if i was guaranteed that i wouldnt spill anything


if i were a modern goddess


if money grew on trees



fun in the sun.... soon

from the people who bring you super sexy lingerie, agent provocateur now makes swimwear!

Picture 1 Picture 2

Picture 3 Picture 4

i am loving the first one, although i dont see myself doing much tanning in it... will get funny tan lines! the 3rd pic is very christina aguilera-esque, eh? cute!


i love the concept of these items -- isnt it incredible how the familiarity and the popularity of some things can elevate an object's status to an icon? reduced to its essence, yet still recognizable!

first off, we have slow and steady wins the race and the collection of designer bag "sketches"

bag_1 bag_3 bag_4 bag_6
and another familiar icon -- the classic engagement ring by Day C. these rings are cast from a mold.
slow and steady wins the race's balenciaga sketch can be found at hint.
day c's jewelry is available at kabiri.


its somewhere in my pocket...

am currently giggling over designer Burfitt (swedish based in paris). its an ongoing crazy relationship between me and the kind of clothes that some people have really strong feelings against. but you gotta understand... sometimes i need a little fug in my life. it makes things exciting!

although it seems that someone has taken the idea of pockets too far, i find these pieces to be weirdly charming. i can totally picture myself warming up not only my hands, but my whole forearm on chilly summer nights.


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