pretty little Diors

after a rather physically exhausting week during which i felt a fever looming ominously overhead, this weekend i sought therapy -- retail therapy! i got 2 dior bathing suits for free. ok, not really, but pretty close to free anyways after the original half-off discount and then an additional 60% off. tried on some crazy dior snow pants, but i really dont ski or snowboard enough to justify getting it. besides, i hate snow. and i doubt my ass would look much sexier falling and rolling down the hill even if i was in dior.
i got to debut my new bikini at the beach on sunday -- pink girly logo to match the flawlessly cheery weather! the other one i got -- a black sparkly 2 piece with some dark metal hardware -- i'll have to save for another day.

i just finally realized how much i was investing in clothing and shoes when i should really be building my jewelry collection. might be slightly more than taxing on my account though, i blame my horrible skin which explodes into rashes whenever i wear anything that is less than real silver and gold. :( whyyy does my skin have to be sooo picky??? anyways, to get a good start on this collection, i scurried over to henri bendels and bought myself a pretty silver key and heart necklace. and even after enduring the extreme temperatures, i've been itch-free for 2 days now!!! woohoo!


a little kid drew on my butt

i got my skull & bunny jeans today! and they are totally saaaa-weeeet!! i still remember my first pair of coh jeans, back when they first came out after 7s were popular. compared to 7s, coh's were totally for the matronly (in my then opinion). haha, those were the days when britney and her hip-bones ruled every fashion article, and coh's had a slightly higher rise than 7s. nonetheless, they were the "next-big-thing" and denim fanatics scrambled for them.

i must've also been purchasing the wrong sizes too, because all i remembered were that the jeans made my waist look too high, too matronly, and my legs too chunky. plus, since i'm a frickin midget compared to giselle the gazelle, i had to get my jeans hemmed at least 2 feet, therefore ruining the cut and affecting the final proportions. boo!

anyways, all is well now... plenty of denim out there cut super skinny around the knee area (thank you r&r!) and with a little bit of control in the food-consumption area, i can squeeze into these coh's and actually smile at my reflection! whew! hope the buttons are on there tight! har har har.

anyways, check out this necklace, isn't it just the cooolest thing ever? must... make trip to cobblestone hellville, narrowly escape taxi-cab death, and place order at girlshop!

money on food? psssh! only a fool!

thank god it is finally friday. gotta think of some fun stuff to do.. perhaps go to happy hour at Prey? gotta love the happy hour deals on the otherwise outrageously expensive drinks in nyc! yes, i spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, and jewelry. but spend money on food or drinks? i'm the world's biggest cheapskate when it comes to that! i'd rather starve and know that i saved 30 bucks than splurge on food. case in point, yesterday we went to Fish on Bleecker, and it was the most heartbreaking 30 dollars ive ever spent on dinner... considering that the only things i had that night were a bowl of steamed clams and 2 beers. grrr! not filling at all! but my other options would have been a real dinner at this place and probably would have ended up costing me 40 dollars.

anyways, today's outfit was inspired by spring 2006 Fendi. i'm the evil version of the "strapless-fitted-dress-with-belt" look. i absolutely adore their humongous buckle belts, and seeing as they are too expensive to justify purchasing and there are a whole buttload of knockoffs in every store, i thought it'd only be fair to at least settle for one that was actually made of patent leather instead of some weird manmade pvc crap.

i wish i were wearing these earrings with today's outfit.


fashionably loud

show me a girl who doesnt love a good coupon code for a shopping website, and i'll show you a stiletto made of spiderwebs. giddy with excitement from sales and deals, i bought a fashionably loud meghan slip dress. anxiously waiting for my package to arrive... ive been looking at pictures on the web when i came across an image of paris hilton wearing the same dress at her birthday party.

now im not too sure about this crazy lady, but i do admire that she's made a name for herself. although it may not have been through methods one would normally consider admirable, rational, logical, or conventional, its fascinating that one girl can have so much ... i dont know... power? luck? whatever. love her or hate her, at least ya know her. anyways, she's got a body to die for!

now here's what i find fascinating. two celebrities, wearing the same dress, different colors. one works, and the other doesn't. one makes you go "ooo what a pretty girl." the other? "ooo... what happened to her??" but i guess tara reid sorta gets that all the time now.

paris vs. tara
hopefully my boob-lessness will keep me from lookin skankalicious like tara.


the good, the bad, and the skinny

if ya don't know that one of the major trends this year happens to be skinny jeans, well then you've probably been living under a rock. and being the "crazy-about-fashion" girl that i am, i have succumbed to this trend.

"trend" has such iffy connotations. for one, it reminds me of the crazy stuff people used to wear in the 80s and early 90s... fluffy pink metallic dresses, stone-washed and bleached jeans, linebacker-shoulder pad sweaters... those were trends! and people mustve thought it looked good because god, there wasnt anyone who wasnt seen sporting those looks! what if the current "trends" that we are so into now... end up making us realize how much we look like fools in the future?

haha, so i may regret wearing drainpipes one day, but for now, i'm going to attempt to channel my inner kate moss, and rock it!

note: those new super skinny 10" or 12" crazy jeans just do not look good on human bodies. i feel like a sausage stuffed in denim saran wrap. i think i probably look like one too.

gimme gimmeeee

oh m'gawwwwd! i am so putting these on my list of "must-haves." i love them! and wow, ok.. thats all i have to say for now...

happy hump day!


i <3 dresses

bored at work, daydreaming about fall and dressing up. somehow it just feels wrong to wear too much black in the middle of summer... this weekend i bought a pair of dress pants, sweater, dress, belt, fold-over ankle boots -- all black. and im pretty sure im going to buy the vince cashmere sweater in a dark heather grey.
anyways the brief mention of summer reminds me that i need to maintain something of a summer glow before its too late! time is running out! there have been so few beach-worthy weekends this year, its disappointing. im sick of tan lines though, so it might be time to visit a salon instead.
i need to find a pretty dress to wear to my cousin's wedding in october. we're making a special trip out to taiwan just to attend it, and to visit my grandpa too, whom i havent seen in 5 years. i just want to blow them away! like a, "hello-im-back!" dress. a head-turning dress! haha ok i guess im getting a little carried away, thinking that way, because the focus should be on the bride, and definitely not me. but that doesnt mean i cant look fabooolous!

speaking of fabooolous dresses, since the blackout last week, i missed ep.2 of project runway. luckily, nbc was showing it last night, and man! designing gowns look sooo fun. i really liked keith and bradley's design. now if i can find a dress like that.. perfect! (but maybe a little too much for someone else's wedding??)


the alluring kirsten dunst wearing marc jacobs

ever since i bought allure with kirsten dunst on the cover, i've dreamed about wearing the beautiful marc jacobs top she has on. and that was 2 years ago. i found it on scoop, only to discover the top was $1800. in other words, unaffordable. once a month, i'd revisit scoop and eventually i watched the price drop from $1800 to $800 to $600. it finally reached a low of $300 on the website, but since i was in college at the time, it was still unfortunately unaffordable. as time passed, the top was no longer on the website, and i resorted to ebay. unable to find the real deal, i settled for a knockoff and wore it happily during festive fall events.

this past weekend, i was walking down broadway when i noticed a new store on the block -- Scoop Warehouse. i was in the store for about 5 seconds when i noticed the lace peeking out from between a bunch of other flirty tops. the exact top kirsten wears on the cover, with the raspberry velvet, 90% off. :)


spicin' up my life

its official! i've found the best sangria ever, and it lives at Spice. It's called the Pink Asian Sangria (har har) and is sooo deliciously pink and filled with tiny chopped up strawberries, apples, and some other stuff thats just too small for me to be able to tell what exactly it is... i could really use a break right now at work to get some... mmm

other cool stuff on the menu? lots and lots of other pink drinks. so pretty!

i also got my eyeglasses yesterday and am super excited about them. i'd wear them more often but somehow i feel, when i wear glasses, that oftentimes i have to dress around the glasses. its like how when you ask people how they put an outfit together, sometimes they say that they pick out their shoes first, and that dictates what clothes they put on. for me, its usually one article of clothing (whatever is newest, hahha) which determines what follows.. but when i put glasses on? they totally become the center of attention. i think i may soon need to purchase more monochromatic shades of clothing to go with the new super-chic-brainy-chick look. i want more "modern" artsy lookin clothes!


bang for the buck

although there isn't much else better than wearing head-to-toe designer duds, there's much to be said for trendy cheapees. i have no shame mixing h&m with prada and today, the most expensive thing i am wearing is this tiny gold heart necklace that you can't even see in pictures because it is insanely delicate and thin. (and even though i own too-many-to-be-practical designer shades, i still cant resist the occasional $5 sunglasses which i wear more often because i dont have to worry about breaking them)

i'll confess... after work yesterday i was advised by my parents to have dinner out on my own because the electricity in our neighborhood was still shot (from the storm). and since i was starving on my way to the subway station, i hopped over to uncle louie g's for some cappuccino chunk ice cream. feeling incredibly guilty for having dessert before dinner, and such a decadent dessert too... i decided to pass on dinner and spend some time browsing in the city. i heard a&e was giving away movie tickets for trying on a pair of their jeans so i took the train to herald square to try some on. their new artist jeans are nice, especially the premium denim wash, but alas, the tickets were all given away. i left empty handed but jumped right next door to forever 21. i'm 23, but so what, right?

that place is a treasure trove of fleeting trendy pieces made of the cheapest stuff man can engineer into fabric. this $25 dress i'm wearing right now is probably made from leftover plastic strips mixed with dried up leaves. but i love it. its all the style, without the commitment, or the dent in the wallet. and if i decide i can't stand how the new kimono sleeve trend makes my shoulders look too "linebacker"? well i can either toss it out the window, or use it as a rag to wipe down all the dust in my room. at least for now, its light and floaty enough to air out my pits in the summer! haha, gross me.

the store was so budget-friendly that, get this, i decided to buy a jumpsuit. a navy "twill" tube top/shorts combination. no kidding. this may be the worst mistake of my life, but for now, i can feel very slick and downtown when i put it on... and try not to look too skanky.


autumn in new york

i stopped by bloomies after work last night and could not believe my eyes. it was fall, in the middle of the worst of the summer heat! but it was all sooo lovely... i love summer, but there's just something about layers in the fall, gets me all excited! i never fail to be surprised when the stores stock up on fall/winter merchandise right at the beginning of the last couple of months of summer. with the sweltering 98 degree weather we had yesterday, the last thing i wanted to do was bundle up in sweaters. nevertheless, being the fashion-phile, or style-phile, that i am, i loaded up an armful of stylish buttonless cardigans and headed for the dressing room.

i love love loooooove the wrap cardigans from vince... so luscious in cashmere! and the belts are sooo cute, these are definitely on my fall to-purchase list. plus, they will look superfab with skinny jeans! besides, wearing these cardigans mean i won't have to immediately ditch the summery camisoles that i love so much.

and although i couldn't exactly justify these fall purchases on the hottest day of summer, i didn't leave empty-handed. i decided to dip my toes ever so slightly into the puddle of autumn leaves...

i bought a long sleeveless charcoal and black striped sweater, my first pre-fall-fall-ish purchase!


kara janx!

mmm... i like events with complimentary drinks...
and i totally loved kara's personality on project runway. she seemed like such a nice free-spirited lady.

worms, but not the gross kind

this beautifully hot and steamy day brings me 24 hours closer to my new eyeglasses. i saw a woman in the subway station today, hiking her shirt all the way up past her boobs to relieve herself of the heat. completely gross, btw, no one needs to see it.

and since my chronic neck pains have not subsided, i think i may consider taking up my mom's offer to buy me a new bed. which means, this weekend may be chock full of trips to ikea, or if i decide to splurge a little, crate&barrel. hahah.

this past weekend my mom and i did a little mother-daughter bonding via shopping and she bought me a cute pair of "patent-leather-red-low-wedge-peep-toed" shoes. (never thought there could be such a long string of adjectives used to describe a pair of shoes, huh?) this comes as a total surprise to me since she's always yelling at me for buying way too many pairs of shoes. but i think she finally understood this weekend. its just impossible to say no to shoes that look good on standard feet! and i've got standard feet!

i suppose i should get back to work now before updating again... ive got my tub of gummy worms to keep me company :)



after what seemed like a million rescheduled visits, i finally got to see my opthamologist. i always feel like such an annoying patient whenever i go, and this is why:

following normal protocol, the eye doctor turns off the light, and the projector projects the eyechart onto the wall. the weird little viewfinder thing with all the different lenses is placed in front of my eyes, and he switches the lenses into place. "does this look better? or.... this?" (asking me to compare two different lenses) and this is where i have trouble. by the time he shows me the 2nd lens, i've already forgotten what the first was like. add to that, i've got astigmatism that's never been corrected, so the light from the projector really just makes everything look screwy, no matter how strong the lenses may be.

after several frustrating attempts to select lenses, i finally decided to ask to have my astigmatism corrected. he flipped on some different lenses and i can not tell you... how amazingly clear the world was. now, get this.. previously, when we first found out i've got astigmatism, we didn't bother to correct it because the eye doctor said that my vision wasnt "horribly" affected by it, and if i chose to correct, it would make my contacts a lot more expensive. this time, i found out, to get lenses which correct astigmatism is not at all expensive. it was only $50 more. so, duh, being the working girl i now am, i opted to see the world in sharp focus.

a hop, skip, and jump later, my dad and i had gone from one eyeglass store to the next, when finally exasperated and overheated, i decided to purchase a pair of gucci frames. excited!! they are exactly as in the picture, with a beautiful horsebit hinge, sprinkled with crystals. can't wait to pick them up on thursday!!


restaurant week...er, night.

last night's dinner at brasserie was kinda crazy! the place is real neat looking, you go through revolving doors into what looks like a combination of a spaceship/boat, and as you go through the doors, a little snapshot is taken of each person which gets displayed on these little screens above the bar. people-watching, im assuming? the restaurant was super crowded and super noisy. i dont know if they had decided to set up more tables, since it was restaurant week, but it was just tooo insanely claustrophobic.

the food was pretty good, but get this... the appetizers were seriously, ridiculously small. they were like exaggerations of their own scales. i got a tomato and melon salad, and what was on my plate? about three baby leaves, one small tomato cut into 4 parts, one olive sliced in half, and one 1x1x1 cube of melon, sliced into 4 slivers. i swear they were so thin, it was see-through! jen's appetizer consisted of one artichoke sliced in half, a teaspoon of cheese, and one sliced olive. haha we were making jokes that they could have bought one jar of artichokes and one cantaloupe and been able to feed everyone that night.

the entrees were more decently sized, a nice normal portion, and it was pretty good. poor pat was stuck with the "skate" which is apparently manta ray, pretty delicious! i had steak and fries, and jen had trout. the desserts were to die for. creme brulee with ginger cookies, and profiteroles... which doesn't sound like anything edible, but were these little balls of ice cream covered with a pastry crust.

mmmm sooo good.


pink pajama party!

if i wasnt going to the brasserie for dinner at 8pm, i might have gone to this!
its actually NEXT wednesday!!! whew!! i need to learn my dates.
sounds pretty damn fun :)

+ i loooove freeebies!!

for more information and the invite, go to vspink

the stuff dreams are made of

i am itching to go to a sample sale. a real sample sale. someplace where i can blow all my money, yet still feel a sense of accomplishment. there's a betsey johnson one today, but i dont know if im going to go. what i'm really craving is the prada sample sale. it was amazing, the one that i went to 2 years ago. i still remember it like it was yesterday. this was the kind of stuff you can only dream about. you had to make an appointment each time you wanted to go, and i remember making several! once you get there, its like being a little kid in a candy shop.

the coolest part? the prices listed on the tags were wholesale prices! in addition to that, each day the additional discount got steeper and steeper, until, in the end, it was all an additional 75% off. i think i ended up purchasing 3 pairs of shoes, 2 tops, 2 bathing suits, a pair of patterned tights, and a beautiful pleated wool skirt. *sigh. when will the next one be???

the scoop on scoop

i just saw the trailer for scoop and how excited am i that it is going to be in theaters july 28th? super duper uber excited! i love woody allen, he is just the funniest guy alive with the strangest sense of humor and i love scarlett johansson.. im not really sure why. something about her, i like!
and get this... i hear woody allen's next movie stars colin farrell and ewan mcgregor!! aaahhh so awesome! i gotta get my popcorn eating tummy ready!!


digging around the closet

once in a blue moon, i manage to steal a real nice piece of clothing. well, not steal in the traditional sense, of course, the only thing i've ever truly "stolen" was a ring i wore in a store that i forgot to remove when i left. i dont even remember what that ring looked like, or if it was even nice. probably didn't matter much. anyways, as the rain came pouring down in buckets, i decided to seek shelter at beacon's closet, this cute little vintage store in park slope. and good thing i did.

after a half an hour of browsing through the crazily arranged racks, through endless floral printed boxy button-downs, filmy camis, brightly colored poofy party dresses, and denim jackets, i scored -- one cream sequin and lace eve*lynn skirt... $8.95, and in a size small! amazing, no? THATS what i call a steal! i also bought a vintage crazy looking halter dress made from light blue velvet, flower patterned cotton, and green ribbon. i will post up pictures one day... the day i'm brave enough to unleash my inner lolita.

note: there is a sample sale at Wink Boutique (155 Spring Street) on July 20, where you can find eve*lynn and other stuff on sale!

dolce vita indeeeed!

i love my dolce vita wedges and i can't wait to wear them :) the tan color makes my legs look miiiiles long, and ms. shorty here liiiikes that! the dress im not sure yet, i need a full length mirror in order to accurately examine myself in it.

still debating whether or not i want to go to the gym today. while i'd rather run straight home after work to try on my new goodies, i've also got some major fat extermination to do. but i dont know.. working out with a sore throat just does not sound fun.

hump day!

i absolutely adore anything French. i dont care how much YOU may not like them, but they sure make beautiful music. i've recently become obsessed with Autour de Lucie... thanks to Pandora. i play it over and over, repeating every single song. the tunes are just so beautiful, and the girl's voice is so sensually mellow. love it! listen to it! its fantastic! (i wish i were french.)

my package is supposed to arrive today from girlshop! weee! so excited! i'm really hoping that everything not only fits but looks uuuuber fabulous because i plan on wearing them this week -- out to happy hour and to brasserie (which is elegantly casual.. does that even make sense? haha)

bought a l.a.m.b. top yesterday, had my eye on it for a while and saw it onsale at bloomies! still not absolutely sure whether or not i'll keep it... gotta keep playing around with it for a while. the only problem is that if i start spazzing out, it may become a little x-rated. haha! im gonna need to buy some double sided tape and some diva dots!

i guess i'm dressed real preppy-like today. i feel bummy... at least tomorrow i get to have a good reason to dress up. and friday? well... friday is just, friday! it is THE day for dressing up.

it's almost lunch time, and as usual, i have no idea what i'm going to eat. :( it's so hard for me to pick. i hate eating lunch. it's the worst meal of the day. i hate lunch foods!

i still want to buy a new camera. the sony t9, but i figure it would be good to wait a little bit before i buy it. ive already spent too much moolah this week and it would do me good to save up. after all, if i buy the camera, i cant just make that one purchase. i gotta get a camera case, a memory card... it all adds up in the end! grrrrr. maybe i'll just return the l.a.m.b. top and get the camera instead. dammit! i dont know.

i guess today's entry is turning into a rant&rave of sorts.


avoiding Dr. Toothy

i love coffee and coffee loves me. unfortunately, coffee does not love my teeth, so in an effort to prevent teeth stainage, i've decided to experiment with an at-home teeth whitening kit -- crest night effects. it even came with free toothpaste!

but seriously, how much of a pain in the ass does it have to be? first, you gotta brush your teeth. easy. do that every night.

then, you gotta wipe your teeth down so that each tooth is completely dry, to ensure that the paste will stick. this part majorly sucks because by the time you get to drying the last tooth, the first one is already glistening with the saliva filling up in your mouth.

if you've successfully dried all your teeth (freak!) or if you've given up, like me, then you start to squeeze the paste onto a tiny nailpolish brush that comes in the kit. you unevenly coat each tooth with the clumpy stuff and leave your mouth open for a few seconds to see if anyone will catch you looking like an idiot. just kidding. it's to make sure it dries.

the paste sticks pretty well, but somehow, is tastes a little like the balloons i used to play with when i was a little kid. the kind that came as a goop in a tube that you squeeze out, roll into a ball, and stick on the end of a straw. eeeyuck.

by morning, i've got a mouth of watery chunks + gross morning breath and just can't wait to rinse it all out. it's doing its job, but i think the next kit i'm going to try will not involve any tiny nailpolish brushes.

btw, the title of this entry is referring to a dentist in chinatown who calls himself Dr. Toothy. (why the hell is he called dr. toothy? does he rip out children's teeth and keep them so he ends up with a million extra teeth? is that why he's so toothy?) i've never seen him, and with a name like that, i dont think i'd ever want to.

i <3 my UN...heels that is

after much deliberation over what would look best with these uber modern heels, i've decided on a simple shirtdress and thin leather belt. they are a designer's dream, the concept was inspired by design -- the eames chair. the fact that you can walk around without a conventional heel... and still be elevated 3 inches taller, thats some crazy engineering!

perhaps there will be a trend soon... manolo blahnik, anti-wedge extraordinaire, has already created Arunium, a strappy brown leather sandal. <3

in other news... im going to go to brasserie this thursday!! woohoo, hurray for being an archi-nerd! gonna check out diller + scofidio's design of the place and enjoy some lovely food for less money, all thanks to restaurant week.

i am certainly not prepared at all for the fall clothing thats been popping up in stores... i saw some nice sweaters and coverups yesterday and as much as i want to buy them, it just doesn't feel right, especially when im sweating buckets in this 80+degree weather.



this weekend was certainly a blur of faces and places. friday night's turntables on the hudson party was great! the weather was absolutely perfect, the river at night was beautiful, and the music was loud. although loud music doesn't generally make for a romantic setting, there's just something about being on the pier at night, watching the reflected lights glisten in the water.

early saturday was more relaxing, bummed around and went eyeglasses shopping. picked out two frames -- prada and miu miu! (wonder if i'll look as crazy as her when i put them on!)

saturday night began with chugging a half pitcher of bass ale so that we could make it to our reservation at yakiniku west. buzzed, while at the restaurant, i had a crazy shochu and lemon soda drink -- soo good. then it was time to hookah-it-up at sahara east where more beer was consumed, and to top it off, the night ended at kenka, this absolutely kooky japanese restaurant... $1.50 beers! $8 pitchers!

if you've never been to kenka, you've got to check it out. there is some pretty crazy stuff on the menus and the whole place is decorated with pornographic undertones. even with all the perviness, i love that place because they've got a cotton candy machine, and each person gets a little cup of sugar at the end of the meal ;)


this is why women go to the bathroom in groups

opthamologist appointment rescheduled for next week, disappointing! had a fun time last night, met up with some of the older RPI arch. grads at Ear Inn, had a couple of drinks and caught up, then hopped on over to chinatown to meet up with Jen for the Teabag Variety Hour (haha, very funny). we went to watch one of her friends, Taiyo, perform an acoustic set. he's so super talent, an amazing singer.

an exciting story from that night: during one of the opening acts, i went to use the bathroom only to find that the person who used it before me hadn't flushed completely and a wad of toilet paper was sitting right at the very bottom of the bowl. not paying much more attention to it, i use the bathroom and i flush... and the water starts to rise. in a panic, i thought the toilet might overflow, so i grabbed the plunger and attempted to fish out the rapidly wet and melting toilet paper that i had used... unsuccessfully. when the water didnt look like it would stop flowing, i started to plunge away, only to splash water all over the floor. the puddle around me was getting bigger and bigger, and my sandal-clad feet, refusing to get wet, caused me to move my lower half further away from the bowl, but still keeping my upper half over the tank. i struggle to remove the tank lid, tip-toed and hovered over the toilet. having some experience from toilet flushing trouble at the old house in troy, i stuck my hand in the tank, lifted up one of the metal pieces, and breathed a sigh of relief when the water stopped.

so if you can imagine me now, im on my tippy toes, my feet are about 2 feet away from the toilet bowl, im leaned over with my hand in the tank, and if i move, if i attempt to take my hand out of the tank, the water will continue to overflow. the door is too far away for me to reach with my other hand...im trapped! and then i had a super-smart "i-ate-my-healthy-breakfast-this-morning-and-maybe-a-mentos" moment, and with my free hand, i grabbed the plunger, wedged it under the metal piece i was holding up in the tank, put the tank lid over it to hold it in place, and slowly backed away. whew! i felt like the james bond of toilets or something. anyways, so i run out of the bathroom and pretended nothing happened.

ok, just kidding. thats what i
wanted to do. but i left the room, and went to get one of the employees to check it out. i led them to the bathroom, opened the door, and started to explain why there was a puddle around the bowl, floating toilet paper in the restroom, and a toilet plunger sticking out of the tank.

by the end of the night, the toilet was up and running again.


here's a new one... eyeglasses!

i'm actually kinda excited about my opthamologist appointment tomorrow. i gotta re-order new contacts, but most importantly, i get to get a prescription written for new eyeglasses! i broke mine right before i went to cape cod, they basically broke right before the hinge... maybe the plastic got too melted? who knows? all i know is now i can replace my cheapo no-name eyeglasses with prada... or chanel... or dior... or d&g!

having broken glasses is no fun. i went to the cape, 4th of july weekend, visited tay, only to find that there is something in or around her house that i am extremely allergic to. i couldnt stop sneezing and rubbing my eyes. sunday morning, i woke up to find that one of my contacts had a missing chunk in it (from me rubbing my eye too hard) so i had to navigate the whole day with only one good eye. i think i may have royally screwed up my vision... even further.

fun on cobblestones

sort of related to my entry yesterday...
after the gym, i decided to muster up whatever energy i had left, in search for the new girlshop store in the meatpacking district. now, although i love new york city, and i love the west village and meatpacking district, that area is just a pain in the ass to get to. it is close to a subway station, of course, but once you pass 8th avenue, the streets are transformed into a little rome -- a lot of cobblestones. watch out, ladies-in-heels. adding to the danger? no traffic lights! so after carefully stepping over the cracks and dodging the crazy cabs, i arrived at my Mecca.

the store was spacious, but there seemed to be hardly anything inside, especially compared to the grand amount of clothing they sell through their website. i had gone to the store specifically to purchase these cute Dolce Vita wedge heels and an Anne Segal skirt (and not pay outrageous shipping), but was disappointed to find that they didn't have it in the store.

after wandering around the store aimlessly looking through the few racks they had at least 3 times each (and probably generating some thoughts of suspect from the shopkeepers) i decided to try on a Marie Marie top, which was cute, but not lust-worthy, i decided to ask the ladies -- "If i wanted to buy stuff off the website without having to pay shipping, can it be shipped to the store for pick-up?"

to my delight (!!) apparently, they have a mac set up in the shop just so that customers can place their orders, the shopkeepers enter a special promotion code, and the products are sent straight to your house, minus shipping! aaaand, if anything needs to be returned, it can just be brought to the store! voila! fantastic!

i plopped my tired-cobblestone-skipping butt down and finally made my purchase.


cant seem to make up my mind

I recently placed an order at Neiman Marcus to take advantage of the sale and free shipping. Seriously, who can pass up free shipping? It's a great incentive for finally ordering the item you've been eyeing on the site, especially if the site doesn't normally offer free or flat rate shipping. (I'd be ordering so much more stuff off Girlshop if they didn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping.) I bought a pair of Burberry rainboots, for some gloomy weather cheer, but somehow, I can't seem to make up my mind whether or not I want to keep them.

They fit wonderfully! I've been wanting to get some black rainboots, and I adore the knit cuff... but the height of the boots are just... strange. The polka dot wellies I have are from Tamara Henriques, and they go up to my knees. The tops are wider, making my legs look thin in comparison. These Burberry boots come up to the base of my calf... and the beige (close to skin-colored) knit cuff makes my legs look, well, porky!

Oink oink.. I don't know.


happy 4th of july!

for one day out of the year, i actually feel a tinge of proudness for this country, squeezed out of me by the beautiful fireworks set against an epic soundtrack of sinatra and national anthems. i was invited over to my uncle's again, who was throwing a party at his apartment at Trump World. he's got a fantastic view of the water on the UN side, where boats and people line up to be front and center. it was amazing, and i managed to snap a couple of pics on my cell (since my camera was broken and i havent mustered up the courage to kiss my money goodbye for a new one)

since this festive celebration was taking place in one of the posh-est apartments in the city, i decided to break out my new prada dress... and maaan, was it a good idea. just as i had started to feel a little silly for splurging on such an extravagant purchase, i was reassured by a stranger that i had made a good buy. on my way to my uncle's, as i was sitting on the bus, the lady across from me leaned over: "i just wanted to say, your dress is absolutely beautiful. it's gorgeous."

a compliment from a stranger really does wonders to one's self esteem!

during the party, there were so many oohs and ahhs over what i was wearing, and everyone was complimenting me... gosh, i felt like a princess! i couldn't resist snapping a couple of shots of myself in every reflective surface i could find.

cape cod

i spent this past weekend at cape cod with a bunch of college buddies, there to visit tay. she's got a cute little house on the cape, surrounded by a bunch of trees and guarded by herds of mosquitos and the cutest 7-toed cat, whose ungroomed fur makes her look frazzled all the time.
we hung out, went to the beach on saturday, had interesting sandwiches (mine was called porkie goes hawaiian) and a delicious dinner+dessert prepared by her whole family. the next day, we went to the bay, and finally!! got seafood at arnolds. i love that restaurant. sooo good. before dave and i left that day, we made sure to stop by yet another seafood restaurant for lobstaah.

i think, of all the places i like vacationing at, cape cod's got the best food.