hear the bells?

wedding #2 of the year. im actually really starting to enjoy going to weddings! great excuse for dressing up, pigging out at dinner, guilt-free bar trips (open bar yaay!), and my favorite part... the cake! i love cake. i love all sweets. yum!

couldn't bring myself to justify buying a new dress, so i had to dig deep in my closet for some buried treasure -- my post-graduation prada splurge. yes, it is a little dark and drab for a wedding, but i felt.. really classy? haha whatever! its all over and done with now. i want more cake.

will post a new one tomorrow. i promise! i even know what i want to write about and everything!

hope everyone had a lovely july, we welcome august tomorrow :) (where has the summer gone?)


clothing optional

enough about clothes and jewelry. lets talk about something else.
im super excited about this weekend, when i'll actually get to test out my new (old) bike in new yawk citaaay.

this is the 2nd bike i've ever owned, the 1st being the one i had when i was a little kid -- bright pink, came with removeable training wheels. i bought this bike at a yard sale during my post-july 4th vacation in MA. there are apparently loads of yard sales in MA, and unlike the sales you usually find in NYC, these sales are ridiculously cheap. like "this-70s-looking-chair-is-$1" cheap. and i know, that i can probably find that same chair at some "vintage wares" store in nyc for $50. so, pretty freakin awesome, these yard sales over there! and the first one we hit, i got the bike. and i paid $15 for this baby. (take that, $40 used-bicycle-selling-man in williesburg!)

but for those who don't mind splurging a bit on some "modern wares," i found a website called Charles and Marie that sells loads of really cool stuff -- some obviously completely out of my price range, and some that'll cost you only a week or two of eating nothing but tv dinners.

inside-out glasses... for wine and champagne

pretty nifty lightbulb!

i have to say, this is probably one of the smartest designs ever. this is a design for a set of "rocking vats" that can turn the above chair into a rocking chair. although these rocking vats currently only fit that type of chair, designed by the same person, if they can expand the idea so that it can fit all chairs, that would be even more fantastic!

this candle holder is currently on my wish-list

and for the funky home... baby head candles.


ring thing

i've recently become obsessed with modern, girly knuckle rings. it all started a couple of years ago, when i stumbled across Catrina Gregory. these knuckle rings were meant to be worn across two fingers, and the curvy silver bar on the top was anything but masculine -- girly, simple, and chic.

i'd forgotten about them soon after, since at that time i was still a very very poor student in college who was forced to spend every last penny on scraps of material for architecture studio.
a month ago, i started to notice that knuckle rings were popping up everywhere. i saw a bunch of simple silver ones at I Heart NY by Surface to Air. actually, i think these may have been for men because i tried them on at the store and they kept slipping off my fingers.

a really cool one on Active Endeavors by Chronicles of Never. this was in the "women" section.

and just last weekend, while on a lovely dinner date at p*ong, i noticed the waitress wearing a knuckle ring. it was so gorgeous that i had to ask her where she got it. turns out it was by Bing Bang. and these are the ones i really really want.

btw.. hope everyone had a great 4th of july! i took a mini vacation in MA, relaxing, sunbathing, and eating LOBSTER! yum! oh! and i treated myself to a pair of Beatrix Ong sandals ;)

now i need to get a pedicure.