bubbye dressy

it makes me so sad, but i have to say goodbye to my dress... gotta make room in my closet and i sure can use the extra moolah too.
its beginning to feel more like fall every day... im shivering in front of the window. so sad! i miss summer already... the cloudless and clear blue skies always make me feel so happy. i'd wake up every morning, looking out my window while laying in bed, staring at the top of the building across from me. directly outside my window is a courtyard, so i never get any natural light in my room, so the only way i can tell whether its sunny or not is when i look at the top of the building across... if its bathed in beautiful orange sunlight, with the bright blue sky above, it instantly wakes me up! its like my shot of espresso. aaahhh i love it!
hopefully i'll be going to bloomies, maybe tomorrow after work to see if they have some boots i like. mmm boots! now that i have a decent pair of brown ones, i really really need some black ones! non-suede, so i dont have to worry about the rain. stupid ernesto... this weekend might be gloomy.
i really love this coat.. i think i need to invest in a super nice winter coat!



went to morimoto in the meatpacking district last night with my friends christina and jen... girl's night out, i guess you can say! christina, who used to be my roomate freshman year in college, has recently gotten a job in boston so she is moving :( and what better way to wish her luck than to go out and celebrate at one of the cooolest restaurants in the city?
well anyways, i have three words for this place:
1. sexy
2. delicious
3. pricey
i guess it goes without saying, that when you've got a beautiful space, designed by top architect Tadao Ando, filled with beautiful people and the famous Iron Chef Morimoto, you basically have the ability to charge however much you want for the food!
the restaurant was sooo nice looking, and after being advised to check out the bathrooms, the three of us took turns making trips downstairs to visit the heated toilet seats, and the cool gadget panel which turned the toilet into a bidet, complete with adjustable water pressure, direction, and the ability to make it oscillate or pulsate. the heated toilet seats were enough to make me never want to leave the homey little stall!
the dessert was delicious! we shared an elderberry creme brulee which had a small scoop of orange sorbet on it and this super thin crispy wafer thing (which kind of looked like wonton skin...) our main entrees were good, we all got some variation of fish, and i loved the shrimp tempura roll.
definitely going back! after my wallet recovers... hehehe


"tats incredible"y crazy

seriously? you've GOT to be KIDDING me!! yeea, her tattoos are super hot but this is just downright obsessive...
i've been searching for a simple, dangly, statement-making pendant necklace. but found myself obsessing about these instead:


(top, white trash charms; bottom, gorjana)
arent they super cute?

completely droolworthy and from louis vuitton:


ok, i got sidetracked by the shoes, but im back on track now with more pretty shiny things that i am currently loving:

CP4__1-detail plainjadestar kjlan1003515128_347x683b jacj_wacc_vltcmoearngviol
(left to right: shari wacks; shari wacks; kenneth jay lane; jackie jewels)



it has now become clear to me, that i need another pair of skinny jeans. haha, no kidding. what i thought at first was going to be a fleeting fad, gone once the vast majority of the female gender figured how unkind they can be to female parts -- thighs and hips -- has become a "duh! why hadnt i bought these before??" mostly because skinny jeans and boots are like batman and robin, sonny and cher, peanut butter and jelly, wendy and her cc -- partners in crime! and every woman can pull that look off because, hello! how many girls wear their jeans with a side of boots? only like a gajillion! their existences are so co-dependent, it makes me wonder... what came first? the skinny jeans or the boots? did someone invent boots and then realize that pants needed to be more fitting at the bottoms so they could be neatly tucked away? or did someone invent skinny jeans and then decide that hey! they are so form fitting, you could wear these awesome just-as-form-fitting leather shoes over them? whatever it was... skinny jeans existed long before the LV and Chloe toting girlies decided that Sienna Miller and Kate Moss were the two coolest girls ever, a staple in any rocker chick's wardrobe.
but back to my denim needs. there are so many brands out there now, doing the skinny jeans thing, i just cant decide which pair to buy! i need to replace the the bdg black pair that i bought as a "test-run" at urban outfitters. (yes, i do trend "test-runs"... minimal commitment, guilt-free abandonment when realized said trend was a horrible mistake.) the jeans are possibly 1 or 2 sizes too big for me, already losing their stretch and getting faded in the wash. i have a pair of j brand jeans which fit reeeally nice, so maybe i'll get a black pair of those. i really wanted a pair of radcliffe's because of all the cool gadgetry (adjustable cufflinked hems, adjustable stirrups for keeping the bottoms in place) but the salesperson at barney's tells me that they're not really selling that well because most people dont like to be bothered with all those gadgets. habituals fit nice, but if i get another pair of those, i'd want them in grey because they have the perfect grey wash. others are just too light. a black sass&bide pair i found today have these cute little snaps on the sides of the bottom... super adorable! but not ideal for tucking.
jbran1001412867_347x683f radcl1000416087_201x396C0670_2_lghabit1000410192_201x396
(left to right: j brand, radcliffe, sass&bide, habitual)
oh yes! and i decided to go to the intermix sale yesterday since i got out of work late and missed my appointment to go to prada. tons o' stuff there! not all of it fantastic and most of the dresses were still expensive. stay away from the denim on sale, nothing good, a nice selection of pretty tops (i bought 2 -- miguelina white gauzy top and a bela white eyelet top, which im wearing today) tons of kors by michael kors heels, tons of chloe platforms and wedges in crazy colors for size 40+ feet, some boots (bought a pair, wearing today as well!) a lot of shorts and the little chain link with woven fabric headband things. the hermes sale, in the same building, had a super insane line stretching down the block an hour before closing. yikes!


pretty little prada... undies!

when word got out that the prada sample sale had rolled into town, the appointments quickly filled up and i was unable to secure myself a spot, even a week in advance of the sale. so imagine my surprise yesterday, day three of the sale, that the remaining wednesday times were open, and thursday and friday were cleared up as well. something fishy goin on here, i thought, but made an appointment to go after work anyway.
and i saw exactly why everyone had fled and left their spots open. in a big open warehouse which used to house countless racks of sweaters, skirts, pants, dresses, loafers, heels, sandals, boots, belts, handbags, and lingerie... there were probably like, 10 racks left, with nothing desirable hanging on them. there were sweaters with holes, halter polo tops (?!!), satin capris (ew), some miu miu skirts with crazy little shells crap all falling off of it, and the shoes were... gross.
anyways, so i did what i had to do. i headed straight for the intimates section, the only rack that was halfway decent. cute ruffly prada briefs (*swooon, im a sucker for romantic frilly undies), adorable little bras in jeweled satin colors... i made my purchase simple:
a pair of ruffly prada briefs
a pair of super cutesey miu miu bottoms for traipsing around the apt. in
a beautiful satin and silk white slip skirt adorned with lace and black ribbon and matching bra
the only beautiful dresses left were tucked away in the "luxury" section of the sale, including the strapless dress in the picture. unfortunately, those were still beyond practical price range. at $4000, no thanks, i think i'll stick to ebay!
i believe today, everything at the sale has been marked down to 75% off wholesale price... *wink! i have one more appointment left! tough choice though... slim pickings at prada orrrr intermix warehouse sale?!


because i cant get enough...

these dolce vita beauties came in the mail for me today! woohoo! i've been aching for a pair of black heels to go with my fall/winter clothes and now, i fiiiinally have them! cant wait to run home and try it on with every conceivable outfit i can think of. definitely one of my favorite things to do -- play dress up.

today is going to be an alright day, started out pretty awesome! in additional to the ginger cookie that jake bought me, the lady gave us another half for free because the first one she picked up broke. saaa-weeeet!! i love ginger cookies. especially the ones at ozzie's coffee because they are soo soft and chewy.

alas, i had gone off on a tangent. no worries.. back to shoes!

so i really wanted a pair of ankle boots that i can wear with my skinny jeans. i bought a pair at urban outfitters a while back and i've kept the receipt because i knew it was a purchase i had made too early and that something better might come along. it seems that maybe the time has come. i think i've found something better.

here are the ankle boots i bought:
they are rather plain, and remind me of the old snow boots my mom used to wear when i was little. haha, really smooth and even pleather. i like how the ankle part is a little higher and wider, that i can definitely tuck the ends of my denim into.

here are the ankle boots i obsess over:
these dolce vita ankle boots are like the urban outfitter pair but... better! its definitely a little more interesting looking becuase of the tie in the back. its so cute and girly (instead of the rather a-sexual lookin pair above which some might even mistaken for napoleon dynamites moonboots) unfortunately, the dolce vitas are a little more than i would want to spend on a pair of ankle boots.

after a lot of hunting/shopping, i found these:
these jeffrey campbell booties are sooo super cute. they are a cheaper version of the dolce vita ankle boots. need i say more? i think im sold! so yes... salesgirl, ring me up!

and while we're on the topic of boots, these are adorable:
juicy couture, j'adore the buttons!


quiet drama

im going to take a break from all this talk about bags and talk about... other stuff. like, this laurel denise necklace, for instance! i love the simplicity of it, yet, the incorporation of not one, but two glass rectangular pieces elevates it almost to a certain level of drama -- quiet drama. not to mention the messages on it are so inspirational (not so much the piece im showing here, but the other necklaces are)
i remember seeing a couple of laurel denise necklaces in the glass jewelry case at henri bendels and really wanting to try them on, but decided instead to buy a pretty silver key necklace (which was invitingly hanging on a stand), which i still looove.
seriously, i am more likely to buy something that is easily accessible than something that requires me to get the attention of a salesperson and possibly have to subject myself to some unwanted sales-pushing. i hate it! its bad enough when these people ignore you when you need help, and perhaps its worse when they try so hard to convince you to buy stuff. ahh, there is such a delicate balance between being way too attentive and not attentive at all.
kudos to the people who get it just right!
speaking of salespeople... i stopped by shoegasm (haha!) on 23rd to check out their boots when, on display, a pair of slouchy grey suede boots caught my eye. they reminded me of the tara subkoff version (i've been drooling over the black leather boots which look oh-so-much like the unaffordable thomas wyldes)

taras1002612867_201x396 PAAAIACIMLAHDPDO
(left) tara subkoff, (right) thomas wylde... they both have the fold-over calf that i loooove.

since they werent that expensive at all, i decided to give it a shot and asked the salesgirl for my size. she steps towards me with the box a couple of minutes later proclaiming, "ok, i gotta show you how to put these on."
im thinking, dude, i've been putting my own shoes on since i was 3 years old, i think i can handle a pair of boots. she whips out the shoes, and it crazily unfolds into something that looks like a wrap skirt with a heel caught in it. "these are customizable," she says, "you can wrap it around and make it slouchy or tight, depending on the look you are going for. here, let me show you."
obediently, i lift up my leg as she wraps the suede cast around and up my calves, until the ends meet and ties them into a knot. "this is how it looks tight." i'm admiring the job she does, successfully layering it smoothly, and i decide i want to play around with it too. i start unraveling it, "so this can turn into a slouchy boot too, right?" and rewrapping it when she takes over, "yep! let me show you!" with the skill of a foot-binder, she scrunches it up for me and i feel like someone had reattached sienna millers legs onto the lower half of my body.
im such a sucker for "customizable" shizzits. im a little annoyed that she didnt let me play around with it before i made the decision to have her ring it up, and as im handing over my cc, she's chattering away in spanish with her salesgirl-friend and my crazy imagination hears her laughing "haha, she's going to have a great time trying to figure this crazy shoe out by herself and realize the hardest part is trying to get two legs to match up!!!"
pffft! i'll show her! i'll show you all!!! i can be a real crafty gal, given the chance to prove it! hahaha, anyways, cant wait to match the crazy contraption up with my skinny jeans! i've already played with it all night yesterday, my legs sweating from the heat!

the tara subkoff grey suede which inspired me:



just call me the bag lady

dragged my lazy little butt over to the barney's warehouse sale this past weekend and lets just say, that as soon as i set my foot into the what looked like a fashion-holic's exploded closet, i realized i broke three sales-shopping rules:

1) going to a warehouse sale on a saturday
2) going to a warehouse sale late in the afternoon, well past opening time
3) wearing the biggest slouchiest bag i own -- and therefore having to remove my wallet and stick it in my tiny back-pocket, and check the bag.

even though all the odds were against me, i did manage to leave with probably 1 of the last 2 pairs of chloe platforms left. i couldnt even believe that there were any at all! i guess someone up there really liked me that day :) also bought a beautiful white gauzy mason dress, as what i absolutely promise will be my last summer purchase.

i think im going to plan to save up for the chloe bag. its just too beyooteeful, and after sashaying around bloomies with the bag tossed over my shoulder... i really just cant say no!! i really love big bags, even though i can lose myself in them, tossing all my goodies (useful and un-useful) into the giant dark pit.


i also really like this simple Jean Paul Gaultier hobo.


flowy dresses, chunky shoes... check!

00280m 00080m


is this it?

i hate when clients think that they are the only client this firm has and that we should devote 100% of our time to their job.
i hate when clients think that my only role in this office is to handle their job.
i hate when clients think they dont have to call me in advance to let me know when they'll be stopping by, thinking that i sleep at the office or that i can miraculously appear in less than 5 minutes.
i hate when clients promise to meet me at a certain time and then bail without letting me know.

this is for all y'all:

be nice!!! or else!!!
(haha my face was more fierce before i decided to blur it to calm the grease down.)
this has been such a crazy long week, and i cant believe its finally ending today. the office was away on vacay, so i had tons and tons to do. i've never felt so stressed at work before -- annoying phone calls from clients, appointments cancelled and kept, having to get to work super early every day for crazy little things like letting in the handiman... hunting for plotter ink, hunting for the landmarks people... calling people non-stop to get information... and not being able to reach them! oye!!
its been so super-stressing, and even though there were some breakdowns and tears, this was the most important i have ever felt, at work. it feels so nice to know that i (hopefully) am helping with so much. and i love it! i love the stress, even the pressures, of having to do all these crazy things. ahhhh, im going to miss it. maybe.
but as of 5:30 today, i will be a free woman! and what better way to celebrate than to have dinner with a bunch of my buddies at Mary's Fish Camp?!
oh yes, and i think all the hard work i did this week deserves some sort of a reward...we'll see! ;)
i am sqqquiiirrrrming in my chair, i cant wait to get out! and i cant believe my phone is already threatening to run out of batteries. grrrr i need a new phone. i want the motorola q. or a blackberry. i think i want to look "grown-up" hehehe


slim fast!

i like these pants from Alice & Olivia, but im not so sure about the plaid. im fearing that they might make me look...horizontal. yes. fearing. horizontal. mooahaha, but anyways, i love the style of the skinny dress pants, especially when worn as part of a suit. so slick, so chic, so city-like! perhaps it would be wiser to just wait for some more rational skinny dress pants to make their appearance before i toss money at a plaid fad. or maybe not. haha who knows!?! yes, i like to keep me on my toes!

and i find these snapshots from Balenciaga's current and past collections to be truly inspirational. i love the signature slim fit pants. oh, and that jacket is to die for! it will soon be coat-shopping time....

00360m 00240m

i need a pedicure. STAT!! i seriously cant take looking at my feet anymore. all this frolicking around the dusty dirty summer city in havaianas has made my feet very... un-havaianas. gross!! maybe today after work if there is time. they need a good cleaning!

in other news... even though "tracksuits" are so, i dont know, 2005 or 2004 or something, i love the juicy couture update on... itself. hahaha. i absolutely adore the little buttons on the velour bottoms, almost sailor-inspired. the only thing i dont like about it is that the bottoms are cropped. not for me, ew. >:/
i'm sure they will come out with more variations, as that, fortunately, is how mainstream mass-merchandising works. weee! sell to meeee!!

as this day drags on longer and longer, i think i've lost all interest in the barneys warehouse sale. maybe tomorrow. maybe this weekend. maybe just not today. i've got something else tugging on my mind... dunno! will try again later...

ever check out those look-book things in New York Magazine, or The Sartorialist, where they find and take pictures of people on the street and comment on their outfit or ask them questions about their style? i love those! i think one of my main goals in life is to end up in one of those. hahah that would be so g'damn awesome!

i've already got it replaying in my mind... "the top is prada, the pants are balenciaga, heels from christian louboutin, and my handbag is vintage... i was on my way to a vogue photoshoot."

except in reality it might be more like... "the top is marc jacobs, on sale, pants from theory, sample sale, heels from zappos.com, and handbag from the flea market... i'm on my way to the barneys warehouse sale." hahah oh well!

lets go back to sleep...

im sorry for being so gosh-darn repetitive, no, we have not really backtracked to a previous entry, but i just had to post this picture up. these ankle boots are so frickin hot. i love them. thank you, stella mccartney. marry me?
these past couple of days ive been getting to work so g'damn early. today i had to get here early because i have to let a bunch of construction guys in to fix the bathroom door. and now.. well, its really too early to post anything substantial. the barneys warehouse sale can wait! must earn moolah, most important, right?
the larok dress im wearing right now has all these gold chains woven intricately into the straps and they are making my skin feel a little chilly!
alrighty, more later! ta-ta for now!


its that time again...

yesterday, after my trip to the dmv, which just so happens to be in the Atlantic Center (a shopping mall in brooklyn), i decided to stop by target since i had some time to kill. (jake was still on line trying to finalize his permit/license thingy.) browsing through the womenswear section, i was searching for the new apparently supercool paul&joe line. although most of the line is already available on the target website, there were only a couple of pieces in the store -- some ruffle neck t-shirts, tanks, tweed shorts, and houndstooth skirts. i grabbed an armful but only left with the beige and pink striped tweed cuffed shorts. good buy! super affordable, and i wore them today for my meeting at the surveyor's office. unfortunately, waking up early and getting psyched up to go to this meeting only meant one thing -- finding that the surveyor didnt make it into her office today and that i would have to reschedule. figures! >:( but anyways, im sure the shorts will make it halfway through fall, paired with tights and booties!

i am a super huge fan of body art. no, not all over crazy tattoos that cover your body from head to toe, although i do occasionally like the full sleeve look on some people. i prefer tattoos that accentuate parts of people's bodies and tattoos that are designed really nicely. kind of like, permanent accessories, jewelry for the skin. most people notice my tattoos in the summer, since i make it a point to be able to cover some of them up when i need to, and it always feels nice when people compliment me on them. usually they just say something like, "i really like your tattoos, what do they mean?" not such an unusual question. but recently, i was asked something that really sort of... stumped me and got me thinking.

i was shopping for jewelry at this cute little boutique called Wink in soho, when the salesgirl starts talking to me about my tattoos. she asks me the usual questions about what my tattoos are of, if they meant anything, but then she asks, "i really like the placement of your tattoos. how did you think of putting it there?" referring to the text that drapes from my clavicle to shoulder blade. and... i really didnt know except... it was just the perfect place to put it. it would highlight a part of my body that i sort of like, and most of all, it was simple and unexpected.

but anyways, i started rambling about how sometimes i get tattoos of stuff that i designed and the hard part is figuring out where to place it on my body so it "goes with" the shape of the tattoo. other times, i know exactly where i want to put a tattoo and the general "form" or "shape" of it, but i just dont know what it would be. yesterday, i experienced the latter, i now want a tattoo on the side of my right hip, visible only when i turn to the side, of another vertical design, much like the one on my shoulder, but this time with 3 lines. now i just gotta figure out what it will be. the hard part! grrrr.

98562124_314247082_0 hip copy
i would really like a yantra tattoo
i hate photoshop and rasterized text. in case ya cant read it. it says "new tattoo location." durrrhh..

i bought a super-sexxxy (yes, its so sexy it requires multiple x's) gucci swimsuit this weekend. and i promise, that'll be my last swim purchase for the rest of this year. gotta stock up when you can find a deal though, ya know? who knows? might go on a last minute cruise someplace where i'm going to need 2 swimsuits every day! or maybe an exotic beach getaway! or maybe an invite to the hamptons! anyways, the swimsuit's a black 2-piece with all these crazy tie-details, very tough-girl "if my top wasnt threatening to fall off, i'd whip you into submission" chic. hahaha! i scoured the web looking for pictures (as i obsessively do all the time) but the closest is a fusion of these two pictures, with definite variations in top and bottom.

100047261 100007742
the bottom is all stringy like in the picture, but... stringier and symmetrical. as in, more strings and cutouts.
the top is sorta bandeau-ish, but more of a cinched in the middle look and the halter ties are just as innovatively sexy as the one in the picture. not as solid and blocky though. i just had to have this set, you see, to avoid tan lines (by cautiously undo-ing the halter ties. very cautiously)

can you sense my boredom and hence the multiple edits and entries in this one post? *sigh. the rest of the office is on vacay. must look for a "see and be seen" restaurant for dinner this friday with my hip compadres :)
oh yea, and i gotta figure out what im going to eat for lunch today. i hate eating. i hate lunch. someone stick one of those IV needles in me for food. im sick and tired of deciding what to eat everyday.


crazy tuesday

man, this blog's a late start today! been running around like a mad woman today, got a state ID at the dmv, then ran over to measure a building in manhattan, and then ran back into the office to wait for information about tomorrow's meeting with the condominium subdivision approval lady. gonna have to look "professional!" dont know what im going to wear yet, wish it were cold out because its so much easier to dress professionally when youve got layers on.

its too hot to cover up! and i think tomorrow may be warm...

i bought more fall/winter clothes this weekend ::ashamed:: i must take a break in between all this spending and save up for... something worth saving up for! dammit!

had this monster of a treat this weekend:


brought me back to the days when i first had it.. eeeeeons ago in high school. the frozen hot chocolate seemed so much bigger than this time. maybe its because i "grew" up. har har har! its still just as delicious though... and the whipped cream still weirds me out. its so unlike the whipped cream i usually find in desserts. its ultra-unsweetened and very very very super thick. deeeelicious. and i also remember why i dont go to serendipity. the wait was frickin 2.5 hours. and the place was full of tourists and flash bulbs. actually maybe i dont mind the camera flashes. even though i was pretty frequently temporarily blinded, i felt like a super hot celebrity caught in the midst of the paparrazzi! mooahahha, hey, a girl can dream right? oh! and while we were waiting for a table, we actually got to sit on a bench (yep! they finally installed one!) outside the restaurant, but were sooned joined by a guy who felt he had to remove his foot from his shoe to reveal his yellow stained socks and stinky stinky feet. grrrroossss!


wanted: hardcore shoppers

morph1000916141_347x683dlove love loooove that top from morphine generation. dont know if i want to drop 88 buckaroos for it though, esp. since i can already predict this is going to be a craaaaazy sale-filled week to come! but i do love it -- the soft grey, looks super comfy, and the sexy-ass v-neck in the front. everyone who knows me know i hardly ever, EVER wear t-shirts. not that i have anything against them, i swear, i'd wear them if i thought i looked good in them, you know, casually sexy and what-not, but i really dont think i do. maybe its because my neck is too stumpy. haha i dont know. i look funny in t-shirts, especially the crew-neck kinds, even though they somehow always manage to look so super sexy on other people. :( boogers! well i like this tee a whole lot because of the sexy v-neck in the front. mmm hhhm!
so back to what i was saying about this crazy-ass week coming up. i need to start making a schedule:
15.08.06 dmv to renew permit, or maybe get a state ID
16.08.06 10am meeting for condominium subdivision approval (my first meeting ever, alone! ack!)
17.08.06 barney's warehouse sale!! (guess who's going to be there 8am, first in line?? thats right! moi!)
18.08.06 meeting for revised floor plans
23.08.06 sales hopping resumes with hermes! (oh lord, this one is going to be absolutely crazy and hopefully i will make it out in one piece...)
24.08.06 to top it all off, intermix warehouse sale! (that is, if i have anything left in my wallet...)
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! mooahahahah! anyone want to be my shoppping buddy, so that we can brave the frontlines together??

booo mondays!


put me in, coach!

just had to add this one bit before i leave work, and as a continuation of my shoe-filled entry... i was browsing the coach website today when i noticed some preeeetty nice boots. love the buckle detail, kinda chloe-esque, and although im not a big fan of the coach logo, the subtle logo embossed leather is actually really nice! man, totally want to go boot-shopping...

so *princess* you must come with!!!! ;)

and speaking of coach, check out these awesome coach vespas!! so coool... so europeean... mmm... european.

not for the shoe-shy

since i'm a complete, total, and utter shoe fiend, this is my shoe obsessed entry. how frickin' awesome are those thomas wylde boots? i swear to the almighty shoe gods, if i win the lottery tomorrow, i'm going to buy those boots. "goth-glamour" may be on its way out, but i dont care. i love them. how hot would they look with skinny jeans and cozy sweaters? ab-so-lute-ly-beeeeee-yoo-teee-ful.

i must dig around my closet, i don't think i have much of a boot collection. (justification for spending some moolah) except for a pair of slouchy black suede heels and a pair of leather stiletto boots... yea man, totally not enough! (not counting my rain boots!) how did i ever let that happen??? this is totally like the part in Confessions of a Shopaholic (one of my faaavorite books) where Becky discovers she's never thought about purchasing luggage!

the possibilities are endless and here are some of my favorite boots for this fall/winter season:

juicy couture (the fringe thing is a bit much though...)

prada (super classy and simple)

hogan (great brand, but the color is a little tricky)

stella mccartney (for the glamour-puss)


thomas wylde (another one! i love it! those are little skulls, haha cute no?)