*drooool.. i want those alexander mcqueen heels.

i found some very disturbing news on shoewawa today, linking me to this article. here are a couple of excerpts, and it should clue you in on exactly how crazy it is.

"if the shoe doesn't fit... fix the foot"

"toes are the new nose"

"his demographic... includes a high percentage of young attractive women who take care of their feet: they have regular pedicures, paint their nails, and wear shoes that expose their toes, and they are unhappy if the second one hangs over the edge."

"...the ascendancy of the shoe designer has strapped us into whip-thin sandals and vertiginous heels, at once revealing our imperfections...is that an incipient bunion there? a touch of toe-besity?"

"...toe procedures are all performed at the same time... this might include a toe tuck for toe-besity or an injection of collagen into the footpad to make the wearing of very high heels more comfortable."

"i have women coming in with Manolos saying, 'my foot, this shoe: make it work.' one woman asked if he would remove her fifth toe"

and here's an interesting tidbit from that same article:

Feet and footwear have a long cultural history: the longer second toe was idealised in Greek sculpture and considered a sign of intelligence in the Renaissance; foot sex found favour as an alternative form of intimacy during epidemics of syphilis; for troubadours the ideal female foot was white, narrow with high arches and long straight toes; toe cleavage was big in the 16th century.
foot sex??? wtf is that?? eeeeeuuughh.


... but wait, there's more!

november 8, 2007
robert cavalli + h&m

and on styledash heels designed for the female driver. high heels that fold into flats.
dude.. i'd totally wear that even though i dont drive.
(source: autoblog)

oh dear... there are so many things wrong with this picture i dont even know where to begin...


because fendi.. rhymes with wendy

i've never been a super fan of fendi, but their logo isnt terrible looking. i really like the dark brown logo pattern (as opposed to the lighter khaki version).. and some of their recent designs are actually quite modern in a weird goofy way. take for example, this convertible bag-clutch:

ok.. it doesnt really look that great as a bag... but i really like the way it looks as a clutch.

i love how it incorporates different materials and their classic logo pattern at different scales, its interesting, without being too INSANE (unlike their previous multicolored attempt seen here on What's Haute)

their box clutch is pretty cute too. am loving the plexiglass material of it:

but... what i am reaaally loving from fendi this season, are their accessories. specifically the jewelry.

modern cuffs

and a pretty drapey necklace



meet my new baby :)
maybe im silly for getting the blackberry curve when the iPhone is set to go onsale on the 29th, only 11 days away, but i definitely do not regret it, i am loving this little gadget! besides... first generation iphone... may not be the best and most reliable idea right? oh, and this is like, several hundred dollars cheaper. another plus! seriously, it took me nearly forever to decide what to do. all's i know is that i wanted a pda+camera phone. and im glad i didnt decide to go with a treo which was my initial plan. heard its still kinda.. "buggy." this from a treo user too.
it's super fast for web browsing, i can check email on the road, dled googleTalk for it and now i can chat with people on gmail.. its fantastic! and plus, the camera on this pda is the best feature!

now.. to find a pretty case for it...

...to be continued....


new hobbies + new home

the wedding this past weekend was a TON of fun. sure, the open bar may have contributed to that... hopefully i didn't make myself look like a fool. all i remember was dancing a lot, laughing a lot, and being really loud, but FRIENDLY. so... i guess its all good! wore the leopard print dress, as you can see from the picture above. i really need to visit my colorist soon, my roots are totally screaming for attention.

enough random thoughts. so one wedding down, one more to go! and.. another outfit to plan out! my mom has already agreed to lend me her new chanel purse.. so i guess i've got to work around that now.

sorry for the crappy cell phone pic, but isnt it purrrty? i love it! i want it! i wish it were miiiiiiiiiiine! oh well. maybe when i grow up i will have one of my own. pooahaha. because at 24, i havent "growed up" yet.

been looking at some pretty dresses online, and im considering possibly wear one of these two to the wedding:

(top, dvf; bottom, anna sui)

in other news, picked up a new hobby -- "prettifying" furniture. the new home still doesnt look much like a home... there is a lack of furniture. and ive never actually had to shop for furniture before so imagine my surprise when i realized... everything beautiful is way out of budget. so.. instead of buying new furniture, bought a pair of cheap chairs from a junk shop in williesburg.

sanded them

and primed them. also painted them a glossy red, but i havent taken any pictures of it. next up? will be re-upholstering the seat cushions! its a fun little project!

p.s. why is today passing by sooooo sloooooowly?


the deets

alrighty ladies... a quick post before i have to skedaddle! (sp?) going to be a busy weekend for me... visiting one of my best friends up at stonybrook today, so i will be braving the LIRR for the ride up... i wish traveling by railroad was as glamorous as it was back in the day...

anyways, i will return to nyc on saturday, only to leave saturday night for MA! wedding season is upon us.. and my first wedding of this year will be taking place on sunday. i think the decision now is to wear the leopard L.A.M.B. dress posted several entries back... and make sure nothing inappropriate hangs out, which means.. TONS of double sided tape!

am in the midst of trying to plan a quickie vacation in july, the millions of bathing suits i've got are gathering dust and they sure as hell arent going to wear themselves. and i owe it to my new bathing suit to at least make an attempt to go somewhere. i'm glad you guys approve!! and here are the deets:

this awesomely hot bathing suit is by Lenny, a Brazilian (what else?) brand. i bought it in black and it set me back a little over $200. (yiikes!) i discovered it while browsing through the May issue of Elle Magazine, where it was listed as being sold on the ScoopNYC website. (yes, this bathing suit has a story...)

i ran home as Chanel Black Satin was still drying and looked for it on the website, but it wasn't on there! desperate to get my little claws on it, i looked up the brand's contact information, their customer service contacted me back and gave me a list of stores to call up. i spent the next morning in my office, dialing Scoop in the Hamptons, Miami, and Vegas... nothing. all sold out. customer service emailed me back with more stores in Vegas to call, I was placed on several "lists" and told to wait and see if they would be receiving more shipments. needless to say, i gave up. and actually made a sympathy purchase on Madison Los Angeles instead... the cute jumper that Nicole Richie was spotted in while getting her nails done. i swear, i am really not that obsessed with celebs...

so several hours after that purchased was made online... and dont ask me why, i couldnt explain it, i decided to look at Scoop's website again. and THERE it was!! main page of the women's swim section! by PURE luck and a strange twist of fate...there it was, in my size, on the website. you would not believe how ecstatic and torn i was.. yes, both emotions at the same time because.. i had JUST bought something that day and i really didn't want to spend more money! i resisted.. for a few hours anyway. i went home that night and bought it.

and THAT is the story of a shopaholic named wendy.

btw.. this was the purchase which preceded the bathing suit:

have a great weekend everyone!!


that dress

topshop is so stealth... just happened to check their website today and it seems that sometime between yesterday morning and this morning, they've put up that one-shouldered white dress seen on selma blair. (well i guess the timing isnt that suprising since the kate moss line debuted on their website when it was 11pm at night in nyc. i guess its because they're aaalll the way on the other side of the globe.)
p.s. sizes 6-10, dont even bother. they're all gone!

i dont know.. from these images, they dont really seem like they'd look fantastic on. so far, i havent seen anyone in nyc wear anything from her line. all the enthusiasm i had for it when i first heard about it -- gone. the designs have just been so overhyped that it has lost its appeal (imo). its as bad as wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a HUGE LOGO.

anyways, it was fun to find that opening ceremony still has racks and racks of kate moss/topshop stuff from when it first debuted in nyc. i guess the soho hipsters arents into this kinda thing.
i still want to try it on though.. just for fun ;)

p.s. i bought the 2nd swimsuit i posted in yesterday's entry, and it arrived today!! im super excited.. i'll be wearing it soon... around my house. :(


i need a vacation

of all days... i chose today, a cold rainy day, to post about... SWIMSUITS! i dont know about you guys, but now that i own close to a million bikinis, i've decided to expand my collection to include a style i havent worn since i was 5 -- ONE PIECES! haha ok, just kidding... i'm starting slow... monokinis, maillots, call them what you will! i found these from Lenny to be extremely sexy -- not your typical little kiddie one-piece.

more Lenny styles:

and just to throw more hot one-pieces in there.. top one is by Form, bottom by Topshop:

omg! how drool-worthy is this dress by 3.1 Phillip Lim?! the PERFECT summer dress!

p.s. i finally edited my template so the archives actually show up now... except probably no one ever bothers going back in time here. it was just something that always bugged me a little... will have to put up the rest of my sidebar stuff later when im less lazy!

btw, is this dress to skanky to wear to an evening wedding?