voila!... croissants.

i really like ashley olsen's style, especially her pulling off the red beret look. (reminds me of when kirsten dunst wore a similar look for one of her movies, elizabethtown) inspired by this parisian artiste look, i searched madly for something similar and found a comparable look at urban outfitters. (i heard that kirsten's is from missoni, and at some point they were selling it on net-a-porter, but its sold out now. instead there is one on ebay, but spending $75 on something that potentially might make me look like im wearing a costume, just doesnt sound too.. smart)

i bought it, but i have yet to grow the balls to wear it out in public! i came super close to pinning it onto the top of my head this morning... but then i couldnt find any bobby-pins. and i was running late to work. how does she make that damn thing stay on her head?!

p.s. why does lenny kravitz's daughter look so hot... and much like his gf instead?! does he age?


i am currently loving dresses with simple silhouettes + interesting details.

detail1_1798 detail2_1751

sowear_1914_3234481 sowear_1916_33883823


return of summer

im a big fan of 0 calorie beverages! mostly because i cant stand overly sweet drinks and it just seems unfair to have to waste 200+ calories on something that doesnt even fill me up, and only makes me more thirsty.

i decided to try 0 water today, since the bottle is so pretty and im a big sucker for nice packaging design. (i save the little cartons that they package makeup in...) it takes a little getting used to, since i prefer any drink with flavor to be carbonated, i loooove selzter and different flavored selzter, but 0 water is not bad. the mango orange flavor is not too overpowering, and you dont get stuck with the icky corn-syrupy goop in your throat after each sip. i can see myself drinking this... but it does make me crave fanta!

just as i've gotten used to wearing all my fall clothes, nyc gets a twist of 80 degree weather. its been difficult these past 2 days, trying to dress comfortably, because its around 60 in the morning when i head to work and 80 when i head home. the 20 degree difference absolutely kills me and im either freezing cold or sweating up a storm. yuck. on the brighter side, hopefully this warmer weather (i hear it will actually cool down a lot tomorrow, sucks!) will get me in gear for my upcoming trip to taiwan! woohoo!

im excited, and a little scared, because most of my mom's side of the family is there and i havent seen them in years! my cousin is getting married, so that will be exciting, and ive never been to a wedding before!

i havent started packing and i should, because the weather there is going to be a helluva lot warmer than it is here, which will make it a bit trickier, since i gotta dig up (and try to find) all my summer clothes. which means -- the dresses, skirts, and sandals return! *sigh* i had been so excited about all my f/w clothes...

anyone out there a fan of puella stuff? this dress is so cute, and i want to get it (it'll be easy to summer and winter-ize it) but im not sure how they fit!

it looks real cute on this girl:

(image found on stylediary.net)
and speaking of stylediary.net, if you obsessively take pictures of your daily outfits, or if you love to people watch to check out what theyre wearing, this place is THE place to go! even if you upload around 50 different outfits a day, no one will think you're weird. i swear!


obsessions and reunions

i've been converted! i'm a hardcore mike&chris fan. i love their perfectly dress-up-able hoodies and the logan hoody is no exception! plus, i love the model they used for their line, she's got such a rocknroll look.

my 5-year high school reunion is coming up soon... this saturday to be exact! finally, i've got a reason for making my crazy dressy purchases.

maybe people don't like to say it... but you know the reason for more than half the people showing up is basically to impress their fellow classmates either by gushing about how much their job pays or how great a life they've got now. im gonna try not to talk too much and instead keep myself busy with the 2-hour open bar... how depressing! i cant wait to see how much everyone has changed (and if the bullies in h.s. are still bullies now...) or maybe i can pull a romy&michelle and claim i invented the post-it! (of course i'll come up with a more updated invention...)


wanted: self control

...because every girl needs a LBD!
every once in a while i guilt-trip myself into selling everything in my closet and promising to save up weeks and weeks of paychecks. and then it all comes crashing down! this weekend, it has happened again, with a spur of the moment trip to bloomies. they were having another one of their employee discount sales, and on top of that, a private sale where numerous amounts of current season merchandise were 20-40% off. what was supposed to be a trip only to purchase a couple pairs of cable knit tights turned into an "omg-but-this-dress-is-such-a-great-deal!" and so, yes, i spent the money i was trying to save for some more rational purchases on this timelessly sweet dress from rebecca taylor. arrrgh!!