i have no idea how im going to manage dragging my sorry ass back to work on the 2nd... been having too much fun "relaxing" in MA. took the week off after christmas for some much needed r&r! its so quiet here, compared to NYC, i feel like im almost reeeally... relaxing. usually when i take days off in NYC, im still running around and doing so much that i feel just as tired as i started out!

been doing some tax-free (wee!) shopping in NH, and bought myself a macbook!! late graduation present from my cousin :) im having so much fun playing with it, i cant believe i hadnt gotten one sooner! i love the keyboard... its so quiet. hahah. im gonna have to try reeally hard to not eat around it though, my 5-yr old laptop had so many crumbs stuck under the keys.

anyways, i'll update later! hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!!

super-cute heart wristlet from lula. i got it for new years, but then decided to return it. my cell phone doesnt fit!!



heehee screw winter

im sorry.. this first dress was too cute to not be posted twice (eee!! tiff!!) and i love love love the black strapless one, minus the funny leg-shortening tights. i love this model's hair!! i wish i had the bone structure to pull it off >:(

karen1007614249_201x396 karen1007415724_347x683f
(karen zambos)
(and a sweater thrown in just so winter doesnt feel too awful!)
omg... buying a box of cupcakes from the supermarket to keep by my desk as a snack?? so NOT a good idea. i find myself wanting one everytime i look over at it. mm.. delicious holiday cupcakes...
must.. resist.. you..


bleh. winter.

can shopbop (shopbop.com) dream up any more reasons for me to hate winter?

ellam1046011866_201x396 ellam1045912348_201x396 marcj1112816576_201x396
(left to right, ella moss, ella moss, mj)

im shivering as i notice on more and more websites that all the s/s07 stuff is already out. how can i think about all these flirty summer clothes when im wrapped up in a million layers? fashion is evil. but at least i've found some dresses that are perfect for wearing. right. now. just add some toasty tights and heels. um, and a coat.

(scott gibson)

(harriet's alter ego)



new years... IT'S ON!

i used to spend every new years eve sitting in front of my computer in the living room, while my parents yell at me to watch the ball drop on the tv. when i was old enough to realize that "new years" was a great excuse to do something special, i invited my two closest friends over so we could watch the ball drop together, and do silly things like... eat baby food and sprinkles. i know, so lame, but at the time, so fun! well i've learned a thing or two since then... and i've decided... theres nothing more fun than going out and having a blast with your friends on possibly, the ONLY night you'll ever be allowed to wear head-to-toe sequins without looking like you fell into some little kid's art project.

while im not going to be wearing any sequins this year... you can catch me partying it up vip at the park!

new years

come hang out!! :)
and now... to finalize my new years outfit...

some of my favorite new years looks:






Dove Evolution


the rain is making my bag wet.

boo: stupid rainy day & frizzy hair
yaay: skipped the first hour of work for a united bamboo sample sale!

japanese people are seriously, the most stylish people ever. and they make the best designers too -- everything from fashion, to furniture, to architecture. i bet if i were born japanese, i'd be like, super ms. architect/ruler of the AIA right now.

*sigh, still gotta shop for presents. i think i try too hard and i overthink everything i get people. im always so afraid that they wont like what i got them...


holiday wishlist pt.II

wow... so today has been turning out, so far, to be a very physically damaging day. my office is an old brownstone in park slope, and like all old brownstones, the floor is rather uneven and slopes from front to back. the office is in a room towards the front, and our office chairs are the rolling kinds, so often i find myself struggling to hold onto my desk while im using the computer to avoid sliding backwards.
today... not so pro. i printed a picture of this gorgeous purple quilted chanel bag. i got up to fetch it from the printer, i sat down on my chair and... missed. as i was plopping my butt down onto the chair, it slid out from under me and i ended up on the floor... pretty hard! ouch... my butt hurts. luckily no one was around to witness this slightly embarrassing moment. except for the cat. and plus! i decided to break in a pair of heels i bought a while back by walking to the office in them today. big mistake. 4 blocks and a blister. thank god for band-aids and the extra pair of flats i had in my bag!
anyways, those evil heels wont stop me from posting about more heels...
ok... so are you ready for this? i apologize in advance for the amount of pictures im going to be posting here...
here are some heels that i am currently infatuated with. i'm looking for something i can wear for the holidays -- specifically new years eve. maybe christmas, but i already have shoes i can pair with my christmas dress. i have my new years dress *possibly* picked out, i just have to wait now and make sure it fits and looks ok... the cons of internet shopping =/ but if i do go with this dress, i want to find heels that look special and festive, but not completely outshine the dress.
pinks... and wine.


and these, i just like, but cant decide which i like more -- the velvet, or suede?

holiday wishlist

omg... *sigh, these gucci bracelets are too cute. but why, WHY are they so expensive?? the little bits of glitter make them PERFECT for the holidays, to go with that perfect new years dress... maybe i'll go buy a lottery ticket after work today ($495 for the plain ones and $1280 for the one with the buckle)


help needed: cords

its getting colder and colder and harder and harder to dress for the winter without looking like im wearing a fat-suit, too many layers!! you ever wear so many layers that your hands go numb because theres no blood circulating down your arm? that happens to me whenever i try to place my hand on my shoulder bag as im walking down the street. my hands eventually go numb and i have to let go.

or.. the other day, i had to go to the grocery store because i was all out of marshmallows and chocolate for homemade s'mores, and since its surely now even colder at night than during the day, i piled on my sweater, my jacket, opted for my fuzzy mukluks instead of the usual leg-lengthening high heel boots, wrapped my super long cable knit scarf twice around my neck, tucked my hair into my hat and i swear... i looked like the troll who snuck too many cookies out of the cookie jar while no one was looking... short, stumpy, and quite rotund.

now, someone pleeeease tell me if this is completely untrue... when i was a little kid, my mom used to make me wear corduroys in the winter, claiming that it'd keep me warmer than jeans. ever since then, i've always made sure i had several pairs of cords for the cold months. thank god, designers started to make cords somewhat fashionable.

recently, however, my skinny jeans, the only things i wear religiously, have failed to keep my poor legs warm. i've got cords in a nice slim bootcut/flare that i bought last year... but i almost cant imagine returning to that silhouette just yet.

enter j brand cords. i really want a pair. if only just to keep warm. so someone, pleeease, tell me... do cords really keep you warm?



dare i say it...?

i think i've finally found my hair coloring guru this past weekend...

i'm extreeemely picky with my hair, but up until recently, i was always happily settling for whatever was cheapest for cut and color, since along with that, i had been perming my hair. i'd go with my mom to flushing, and get my hair done there, because, well... chinese people dont charge a whole damn lot to do hair. like all things that once become routine, i got bored. with my hair. and with not loving the results everytime i'd get it cut/colored/permed. and i acted like a big baby, i must shamefully admit, pouting after my hair would be done because i didnt feel the way people are supposed to feel after a salon visit. i didn't feel beautiful, or shiny, or new. i didn't feel lighter on my feet, i didn't walk with a bounce in my step.

so... trading my perms in now for healthier hair, i decided it was time to splurge on color to revive my dried-out, overprocessed locks. and i knew i needed to find someone/someplace i could trust because who wants to color their hair only needing to have it corrected soon after? plus, i was going darker, and i didnt want to emerge from the salon as elvira, mistress of the dark.

and after fanatically researching for 2 days via allure and citysearch, i found my place -- janet rufin's parlor, and paid them a little visit, glad to find the atmosphere extremely friendly. (im scared of those super high-end salons with their intimidating stylists who are impossibly beautiful and refined and almost always pre-packaged with an accent from some incredibly exotic country)

3 hours in the chair + a head-full of foils + 4 mixing bowls + 3 diff. measurements of developer + 2 squeeze bottles = healthy multidimensional dark brown hair that makes me cringe when i think of the streaky mess i carried around with me for the past year. love it!

love this dress too:

*sigh, why has winter arrived full force now?

and im obviously getting too bored at work now... so i had a little fun with photoshop to show you my streaky mop before, and after!

pix1 pix2
er...i think i should've pixelated more... its fun!


winter sun is kinda strong...

is it wrong of me to want to buy sunglasses in december?? (i cant believe its december already...) and its freakin gonna be 70 something degrees today, and humid as aaaalll heck.

breathe... and look at the pretty pictures... just breeeathe...

tford1001517497_201x396 tford1001016007_201x396
tom ford
stell1001617257_201x396 stell1001517254_201x396
stella mccartney
i was watching ugly betty last night (its such a predictable show, but i love it cause its just sooo cute) and i noticed that wilhemina (vanessa williams character) had a christmas tree in her office that was just, absolutely. fantastic. it was a white christmas tree (it actually looked really cheap and tacky) but it had the cutest black ornaments in the shape of little high heels!! *sigh! so i quickly googled and froogled to find those ornaments, but found these instead...
from one shoe-lover to another... these are not as "sophisticated" looking, but pretty cute, nonetheless, from jestjewels.com