im alive, really!

i havent posted in so long.. with good excuses too!! really! like, here are some of them..
1) celebrated my birthday... all last week.
2) spent the beginning of this week... recovering
3) been super busy with work
4) had to do some fashion "research" before post

ok.. so first things first. i turned 24 last week!! im super excited, because im at that point in my life where im not that scared of getting old yet. on the day of my bday, spent a low key evening with my parents and family friends, went out for dinner, got dressed up. at the end of the week, i had my bday party starting with dinner at buddakan (thanks to those who commented and told me this place was delicious.. you guys were RIGHT!! the food did not disappoint, and neither did the decor!) and ended with a party at Earth. and of course, got dressed up. so for those interested... here's what i had picked out!

n17500462_30564437_860 n17500462_30570941_933
left: mara hoffman dress, steve madden heels. right: privee dress, balenciaga heels.
wore the one on the left for dinner with family and the one on the right for birthday party at buddakan and earth.
alright so now that thats out of the way... lets move on to my current fashion obsession...
a while ago i had purchased a vest at Opening Ceremony by a swedish brand named Pudel. (apparently it's pronounced POODLE, and not PUDDLE, as i had been calling it... embarassing)
i had never heard of them before so i turned to my buddy, google, and found out that their clothes are actually unisex!
forget about wearing your boyfriends dress shirts as nighties and their jeans as your sexy weekend outfit... how about having your boyfriend borrow YOUR clothes? (assuming that he has a similar body type, that is.. you dont want him stretching out your clothes) i am IN LOVE with Pudel's knits and how they look so casually deconstructed. and as long as its baggy enough, perhaps both you and your boy can share it!



11042007242212437819171_L 109620072422114241162254_L

110120072422115840662189_L 73320068362340891148_L
check out their website here
their clothes are available for purchase on this site


drop crotch pants?!!

...from last post
Q: hi there, where are dresses 2 and 4 from?

A: Sorry i forgot to mention... dress 2 is by Sass and Bide and purchased off mycatwalk. dress 4 is from privee and purchased from intermix.

some awesome new stuff as arrived on the creatures of comfort website and i find myself wanting a strange pair of drop-crotch pants...


this pair of pants by burfitt are cool too... and the weird hippy part might turn some people off, but i love it. mostly because i have no hips. and i've always wanted them. if i cant have real hips, i'll settle for a fabric simulation.

this dress from zucca looks so casually thrown together. i imagine it must be really comfy on sweltering summer days
70462 70462-b
whats interesting is that its also got 2 leg holes cut into the bottom so it can be worn as a jumpsuit too.... which reminds me, a friend invited me to a jumpsuit party this friday night!

new stuff at seven as well and this dress by three as four is AWESOME.

look at that drape in that back... *droool


anything but serious

the frustration of finding the perfect birthday dress has led me down the path of "i'll spend too much money on anything BUT what im supposed to be looking for." oh well. i give up! it always seems to happen this way... if i dont need a dress, i'll find one. if i do need one, it'll be nearly impossible to get one.

so lets see... some of my recent random purchases:
super poofy mara hoffman strapless white dress...

because summer is all about the LWD right?
actually, i really want to wear this out to lunch someplace nice, al fresco

this would have been my tribeca film festival dress...
except that the FF is pretty much almost over
...and im still waiting for it to be delivered.

got this dress off ebay... an old p.diddy design.
pshh.. why be serious and call it sean by sean combs? just p.diddy it. does he still go by that name?

oh, and on a day when work was not so busy, i started to make myself a silly business card...

they arrived today! and i swear the ups guy gave me a funny look. he totally peeked.

this dress from privee may end up being the one i wear, actually. its a bit short... so no bending over in it.


quirky jewelry

although i am against gun violence, i love quirky jewelry, and im loving some of these from campise...
but one question:
why so tiny and freakin expensive???

$600... ::shock::
for those who still havent had enough of skulls, this one hangs on its side and is $215.
it looks like a DOT on the mannequin.
mm... a pyramid spike ring covered in glittering diamonds... $1200.
yea, i'll be wearing that with my $5000 burberry prorsum dress.
... when i win megamillions.