in less than 7 hours, i will be aboard a plane with my best friend to california, where we will be having a 4 day weekend of fun with our other best friend. can't wait!! but... before i go...

remember these super hot chanel gladiator sandal/boots?

after seeing them on gorgeous mk olsen, i'd been obsessed with them. stalking these sandal/boots on ebay was not easy, seeing as they were way too expensive for my meager architect's salary. however, then i found a similar pair on bluefly.com...

and when a recent post from whowhatweardaily.com reassured me that gladiator sandboots are here to stay... i decided to go ahead and purchase them! i received them last night and i gotta say... they are awesome! love...LOVE them.

(stuart weitzman gladiator sandals, on bluefly.com)


do i hear wedding bells?

someone marry me. i want this engagement ring

soooo preeettty....
by STUart Jewelry Designs Limited


its sweater weather but i want sandals?

spring is here. not that we'd actually feel it in the weather or anything, but thats what the shops are telling us! and i dont know if its just me but... i dont find any of the new stuff particularly exciting. maybe im just not in the right mindset yet. after all, here in nyc we're experiencing one of those random bursts of cold and the furthest thing from my mind right now are floaty spring dresses and sandals.

although these sandals from martin margiela do kind of get my blood pumping...

but to get back to this week of cold and possible snow, last night i ventured out to williamsburg in search of the only currently opened Oak (the park slope one is under renovation, and the manhattan one has yet to open). Oak is having their 30/40/50 sale, and since this is the week where everything is marked down 50%, ive finally made my long awaited Marlova purchase.

this cashmere tent cardigan is now miiiineeee! mmm...cashmere... i love you :)

martin margiela sandals (eluxury.com)
marlova tent cardigan (oaknyc.com)


deal but not a steal

for those of us whose new years resolutions did NOT include "spending less money," doo.ri's crystal halter dress is now on sale!
originally 2200$, it has now been discounted to 880$ and with a further 20% sale discount, still quite a hefty amount to pay...though it IS a gorgeous dress... *sigh (find it on shopjake.com)

in other badass jewelry news, this switchblade necklace found on ronherman.com actually has a working retractable mini blade (even if it is dull, im sure that could be...reworked somehow...not that im promoting violence, of course)

for a mere $312... by juliana eshaya



happy 2008 everyone! new year, new adventures... i am so excited about 2008, its starting to freak me out a bit. im usually a very cynical person, but this year, the moment this new year began, i've been nothing but optimistic and giddy.

now i realize that this blog has been neglected quite a bit, but we don't need to question my loyalty to fashion. i still love it, and still spend most of my days online-window-shopping. its just that theres been so much more going on that i've started another blog, a more personal one, a record of my adventures and thoughts. i will continue to update this one, just give me some time to find something truly inspirational...