oof! its taking me a while to recover from thanksgiving festivities... but to answer the questions from 2 entries ago, yes! the balenciaga look-alikes i bought were from victorias secret, by sam edelman ($170, retail). i have yet to wear them out yet, just around my apt... baby steps..baby steps. i dont generally love any of the shoes from VS, but occasionally, i just need a pair of crazy ones. ever feel that way? just kind of.. break out of the normal boring heels routine and go for something a little out of the ordinary?!

and to complete my olsen-esque look, LATEX LEGGINGS! these are a lovely pair by Kova&T. i had expected them to be a lot warmer, kinda like cheap pleather, but these are actually... like normal leggings. they dont make my legs gross and sweaty at all! i had heard that the american apparel version has a tendency to get all scratched up, worn out, and lose their shininess.. but hopefully these will last longer than that.

going to be taking a short vacation to florida in 2 weeks... soo looking forward to it. i havent taken a vacation from work since... i dont even know, LAST YEAR? i need it. really bad.

and before i get a chance to write up a decent entry... i leave you with these BEYOOTIFUL heels from guiseppe zanotti. LOVE the bright teal color, LOVE the bold straps... LOVE everything about it! (except for the price tag on it)


happy thanksgiving!

hope everyone has a happy turkey day!

now im usually not the girliest girl around, and i rarely wear anything that will make me look "cutesy" but when i saw this Anna Sui dress at Anthropologie, I just had to have it. it was also on sale for $59. so... i really had to have it. i love love LOVE the whimsical deer print, it just puts a smile on my face, and isnt that the best part about dressing up? happy girls are pretty girls! ha ha.

im wearing it to visit my grandma today, perfect dress for that occasion, and i will probably wear it this saturday to my friend's thanksgiving party -- this will be my "hostess-helper-dress"

i cant wait to bust through the seams... yum yum glutton weekend!


2-week recap

oy! these weeks have been flying by, been super duper busy and stressed out at work and so... my wallet is paying dearly for it. not doing such a good job of saving up, especially since black friday is coming up and although i usually avoid going anywhere on said insane shopping holiday... i might be spending this one at Woodbury with a friend. ack!! the thought of having to dip into my savings for such a trip...its stressing me out even more!!

in recent shopping news... i went a little crazy during my last trip to club monaco. i dont shop there often, and im not even sure why... i was there a week ago and they had some really fantastic stuff. i wish i could find images of the things i bought when i was there, but their website is seriously lacking. for work clothes, i much prefer club monaco over banana republic.. i suppose the price point is slightly higher, but the clothing is just more interesting looking. hopefully, just by describing it.. you can get a sense for the look.

i bought :
- black and white HUGE plaid high waist pencil skirt
- black and white houndstooth cocoon shaped mini (very similar to some of the vanessa bruno mini skirts)
- black wool corset top, which looks just like the prada one that i had gotten but is way easier to layer over tanks and tees. i also really like to wear my skirts over it

..and some various other tops, including a really well fit white button down (where was this in my wardrobe? how could i seriously have gone on this long without have a basic white button down??)

and my crazy balenciaga look-alike platform ankle boots finally arrived in the mail. they're supposed to be like the ones that mk olsen has been spotted teetering around in. they look really badass with black tights and skirts but are just as difficult to balance in as they look. i fell going UP the stairs today... in my CONVERSE sneakers! can you imagine me in these? i know.. im scared to actually put them to the test...

went to a couple of sample sales this past weekend... first time at billion dollar babes and sorry. the price points are still slightly higher than i like. there was a ton of stuff though, all really nicely organized, compared to some of the other big sales ive been to. everything was laid out by designer. also went to a showroom sale that contained many designer pieces like thread social, ulla johnson, nili lotan, and cindy lee. lots of cute stuff... but even at 75% off, still too much money.

ended up at intermix where i really let retail therapy take over with 2 new dresses -- the fuschia catherine malandrino dress that was on sale, and y by yigal azrouel strapless dress.


let's play house!

omg omg omg.. so, ok. i hate cooking. i avoid standing near the stove for more than 5 minutes if i can help it. and when i am stuck cooking, im usually standing there pan-frying something while yelling "ow! ow! ow!" as little bits of oil and water gets splashed onto me. that was before i found the apron hidden behind the door. it was my dad's, its pink and reads "i cook for my mom" (a joke present from a friend)

but Haute Hostess Aprons by Elizabeth Scokin is soooo glam. it makes me think twice about heating up a tv dinner tonight.

these two are perfect for hosting a holiday party.. i love the gold one on the left.

and this one is just perfect for everyday! i know.. my definition of everyday is not as casual as most peoples...

these designs have convinced me that the kitchen is not so scary a place after all.. now if only i can convince my wallet, priced from $125 - $200, you can find these online here.


the day after

my favorite holiday has come and gone, so sad :(
but what have i been up to?
excited and giddy about halloween, i had come up with 3 different costume ideas:

1) inspired by john galliano's spring 2008 look, i wanted to be a 20s-ish grey gardens-ish crazy old lady.

2) i've always wanted to be marie antoinette...except most of the costumes were really too sexy for me! but i did try out the big hairdo.

3) 2 nights before halloween, i get it in my head that the best costume ever would be to be bjork, when she wore that crazy swan dress at the oscars. so, the night before halloween, im surrounded by feather boas, socks, felt, and yards of tulle... sewing like a madwoman! i never did get that sewing machine...so i had to do everything by hand. i was prepared to have that costume fall apart as soon as i put it on due to my shoddy craftsmanship, but to my delight, it remained in tact all night halloween!

hope everyone had as much fun as i did! i seriously wish that halloween was a week long. i love dressing up and watching everyone else get all dressed up too.