i want the weekend to be here already!

i feel like splurging this weekend... on eats!
its been pretty nice these couple of days, temperature wise, but its been all gloomy and cloudy today. i guess i'll take this over 40 degree weather... its supposd to be 64 tomorrow and friday! this weather is driving me insane. i never know what to wear anymore and oftentimes i wear too much. sweating on a crowded subway is so not fun.
its supposed to be nice on sunday, a little colder -- 48. but who knows? weather.com is often wrong. i really want to go to The Park (restaurant/lounge in chelsea) for brunch! mm.. bellinis and mimosas on a sunday afternoon, what could be better? hopefully i'll be able to get a table in the "garden." i find it to be the most beautiful space there. in the winter, it is glass enclosed, but the whole feel of being there... feels just like being in a park, minus the bums, pigeons, and dog poo.

i should really hang out over at chelsea and the meatpacking district more often. there are such gorgeous restaurants and lounges there. its overly trendy and expensive, but for the atmosphere... i think once in a while, it couldnt hurt! and besides, a good architect must do her research!! (the boss ought to pay for these field trips...) now if only i can scrape up some cash for the taxi rides... i hate walking on the cobblestones there and the subways feel miles away.


and... its back to work again

hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving!! i get to have thanksgiving leftovers for lunch this week, thanks to my boss (weee!! my parents dont celebrate...) so, i suppose thats better than nothing!

i had planned for some outlet shopping on black friday, and then i either suddenly had an epiphany, or awoke from my drunken stupor, and realized that shopping at woodbury on black friday would be a suicide attempt.

lucky for me, we didnt skip shopping altogether, and on sunday, my family, friends, and i had a humongous shopping spree at bloomies armed with our secret weapon -- teresa the retired-employee and her fabulous discount. i seriously, love that woman... besides being the sweetest lady in the world with a killer sense of humor, she's so up to date with current fashion and trends, we never run out of stuff to talk about!

so anyways, enough of the boring stuff... here is some visual stimulation of some of the more "useful" winter "necessities" that i got as gifts! (hooray for not having to spend my own money sometimes! god knows my wallet can use the break)

burberry earmuffs

juicy couture scarf

and matching mittens


happy thanksgiving!!

god help me... i am interrupting thanksgiving weekend to say, i am in love with alice mccall. i absolutely adore this dress for three reasons:
1) cute babydoll length
2) sexy low-cut v-neck
3) sweet creamy pink color and contrasting black embroidery
only problem? i cant wear this in the dead of winter... and its quickly approaching!!! someone help me justify this insane purchase.



i was looking through the jovovich-hawk website yesterday and i just had to say... i love this model, and this image especially. besides the gorgeous black dress she is wearing, i love that crazy tattoo she's got in the center of her chest.


librarian-nun-troll? i dont wanna...

the more i look at this dress from vanessa barrantes, the more i want to buy it. but its one of those looks that you can either pull off extremely well, or, if you're like me, risk looking like a strict librarian-nun-troll. so im a bit more than hesistant to get it, even though im so utterly tempted to because of a sale online. AND i cant try it on. so it super sucks. and its also one of those dresses thats guaranteed to look super good on someone with a beautiful face. as long as you've got the face, you can wear it! i really swear by that. beautiful faces look good in anything and everything, even if its some crazy purple feathered suit. ok.. well, maybe not that.


inspiration: sculpture

my freshman year in college studying architecture, i had this professor who was one of the youngest women teachers in our school. (most everyone else were old, male, and bald) she had a awesomely sexy european accent, the cutest haircut that only women with good facial structure could pull off, and the cooolest clothes, in my mind. when you're an architect, whether you like it or not, your clothes can speak volumes about your design sense. some stick to a "uniform," as if their closet only contained numerous amounts of the same combination of tops, bottoms, and shoes. most stick to black. and the ones i admired wore the strangest sculpturally interesting outfits, kind of like this cream colored dress by zero maria cornejo. my professor wore dresses that some described as carefully crinkled garbage bags, or foil space suits, or sacks of material with various straps dangling off it. in any case, this woman was able to pull it off! after my sophmore year, she had left my school to teach elsewhere, but randomly last week, on my way to an exhibition opening, i saw her running across the street in the rain, wearing a subtle shiny black skirt with a long loopy black strap around the hem. maaan, i love her style.

also on my "love list," this cute grey jumper by 3.1 phillip lim:



karma chameleon

i love love looove these earrings! even though i hardly ever wear my hair up, for these, i would. or at least i'd make an effort to spastically toss my hair around so that someone... at least someone would see it! they're smaller than most earrings im used to wearing, the last time i wore studs in my ears was probably when i got my ears pierced. ever since then, i've been stretching my earlobes to the max with huge dangly things... anything that would be able to compete for the spotlight against my thick hair! so anyways, i love these. perhaps first on my list of "next-to-purchase." or maybe i should concern myself with some less selfish items... like.. christmas presents?! its not far away, esp. at the rate that time is passing now!

more saaa-weeeet jewelry i love/want:

i love this bracelet. completely rocknroll supermodel biker babe! (if such a combination exists)

razor blade necklace. would prefer it to be hung horizontally though.

and these are just super cool. the concept behind these earrings is that you wear them over your ears, using the natural shape and structure to hold them in place, creating an illusion of wearing earrings without having to have pierced ears. but with an awesome looking design like that? i'd wear them, pierced ears or not!
i remember the model, anouck lepere used to have her own jewelry line based on that concept. it was so beautiful! dont know what happened to it though.. her website disappeared several years ago.

and... something for the super daring and funky!

i finally got the insurance company to send me a replacement phone, so now i've got a means of communication with the outside world again! although its the same version of my old phone, but brand spankin new and with no scratches at all... i still prefer my old scruffy one. i hope whoever's found it and decided to keep it now: take care of it! and be nice! losing it made me very sad... and beware of karma! :(


i want crazy shoes!

i know, by now, everyone's already got some version of leopard print heels, but these, by giuseppe zanotti are still my favorite by far... i love the wedge, i love the red, i love it all!! i just want to place these heels on a pure white pedestal in a pure white room... and worship them.
i hardly ever wear flats or sneakers to work anymore, which is kinda stupid because now i need to make more on-site job visits than before. i just feel so shlubbish in sneakers.. and i dont have pants that look good with flats! and even my flats, i dont want to ruin on those construction sites.
can you believe it? a while ago i was complaining about how construction workers annoy the hell out of me because of the stares and catcalling... and now, i have to work with them, side by side, when im on site. somebody throw me a garbage bag to wear over my head and clothes! ::shudder:: and im not even trying to flatter myself, really, these guys do hit on anybody and anything that remotely resembles any member of the female species.
in other news.. *sigh, i've danced my cell phone right out of my pockets this past weekend and now im waiting for the insurance people to send me another. hopefully it will get here by tomorrow and i'll actually be in the office to sign for it. i cant stand not having my phone... im so used to it, i feel like im missing a part of me! a bit dramatic.. yea.


im back!!

im back, im back, im back!!!

and after a lovely 3 week vacation in taipei, i find myself dodging the rain on my way to work in my polka dot umbrella from pare and realize how much it feels like i've never left. dont know whether or not it is a good thing.. its so easy to slip back into the old routine, although i should add that its not as comfortable anymore, since my only other coworker and buddy has left for sf and im the only one left. more pressure and more stress!!! not to mention its also a bit lonely and quiet here now...

and i know tons of people had been telling me how amazing the shopping is in taiwan, but i am ashamed to admit i did not take advantage of it at all! maybe i've grown up and become a bit wiser to realize i shouldnt squander all my savings on whatever may please me at the moment... but i cant even say that with a straight face. instead, the only cash i had on me, i left with my mom to carry around (yikes! no irresponsible spending there) and all i had was my debit card, which i wasnt sure if i could use because i never told my bank that i was leaving the country, and was too lazy to attempt to.

the only things that i did buy? the sort of infamous chanel black satin nail polish (not sold out in tai-jung yet!) and a pair of the super long scrunchy prada (winter version) cashmere socks! my mother must've been on some mind-altering drugs that day when she let me do that...

i missed out on my favorite holiday -- halloween :( -- but i love looking up everyone's facebook pictures to find out what they dressed up as! im not sure what i wouldve been... but i guess now i have a whole year to figure that out!

and well, since it feels like anythings hardly changed here, im resuming my usual schedule of work with some cleverly sandwiched in bits of shopping. the next major holiday?! new years!! and im browsing through websites making some mental notes of dresses im loving...

alice1044416397_201x396 ingwa1007712623_201x396

marah1003516509_201x396 INGW-WD7_V1

asymslink_large s-3355295347-teal bubble front
no black this year!!! (i'll make an exception... unless its SUPER sparkly)
p.s. im loving the magenta dress